Weird symptoms

I have APS and until recently always put all my ails down to this,until one of the admin on APS site gave me some advice and have been reading about thyroid issues.

anyway,when I started to get some new symptoms,I was checked by gp,local hospital and APS specialist,but still do not know cause

just wondered if anyone here had this

numb,fizzy tongue,sore chin and sore neck

double chin fat very sore

something accompanied by a burning down chest and stomach

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  • Have you been diagnosed with a thyroid problem ? Your symptoms could also be LOW B12 ....

  • Donnabrain,

    Your symptoms aren't typical of hypothyroidism.

    Was a thyroid test part of the checks which were done?

  • Do you have any thyroid test results you could share ?

  • dr will only do tsh

    they say it's," normal"

    after reading up on here I now now it's high,but not high enough for a gp to be worried about

    I plan to try and find any old ones lying about the hpuse,and put them all together to show that it is slowly,but continually rising

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