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Levo and HRT Patches

Would like to hear from anybody who has been on hrt patches or who is on them still and also taking hrt pill or patch form... I have been on hrt for few years due to hysterectomy aged 39. then beginning of this year I've been diagnosed with hypothyroid. I'm currently taking 125mcg. Doc ideally wanted me on 150mcg but I struggle with it when I tried it..

I was feeling abit off so left my patch off . As before being diagnosed I was fine on my hrt patch. Since on levo I've started getting sweats again.. so wondered if the two together is not good?

I havent had my patch on for over a month now and to begin with u started feeling better in . myself ... better mood etc.. that was for a while anyhow, but now the sweats have come back again. At night times.. I'm now thinking do I need to put my patch back on ?. ARGHHHHHHH what to do. I believe I need the hrt really. Any advice ?? I'm having bloods done again on Monday ..

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I take bioidentical HRT (Oestrogel & Utrogestan) during//after the menopause ... and love it.

The endocrine system works in synergy and there is a distinct intricate connection between our thyroid, adrenal glands, and sex hormones, which never work in isolation and one deficiency can make another elevate.

If you need your HRT you should take it as O & P deficiencies can (indirectly) stop thyroid meds from working and if you haven't raised a needed increased Levo dose, you may be under medicated which will affect sex hormones.

Post any results complete with ranges (numbers in brackets) for members to comment, when you get them.


I don't know what HRT patch your on but most are bioidentical. Mine is Estradot and Im also on NDT. Ive been on them for years like you due to endometriosis causing early hysterectomy. I can go for a week or so without having any symptoms if I forget to change it so its no surprise that you say you are getting symptoms after a month.


Hi, I'm on elleste solo mx40 patches. I've decided to put it back on today .

To b honest after my hysterectomy in 2012 I took local 1mg for few weeks then stopped and didn't use anything and I had no symptoms for about 9mntths .. then the sweats hit me so I went onto patches a d they worked straight away back then..


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