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Scary hypothermic incident - any ideas?

Hi guys,

Had a hectic day today and didn't manage to eat or drink anything until late this evening, and as this has happened before I thought nothing of it - but this time, shortly after eating I felt an overwhelming exhaustion and sort of passed out asleep for at least an hour. Just before I did I took my temp and it was 33.4 celcius! It was the same on waking, and now it has gone up to 35.4. Normally it is 35.8 - 36.4. I have never had this experience before, my temp has gotten to 34 at the lowest. I saw another thread where this happened to someone and one possibility was myxoedema coma - but my thyroid results are normal and when I looked at this page: it seemed to be only 60 yr olds and above in the winter who get it, not 21 yr olds in the summer!! So I am not sure what to this really dangerous or is it just a brief lapse of energy (that I will be super careful to avoid in future!)? I do know that my adrenals are flat, so maybe that is all it is? Thanks, any light on this would be a huge relief.

SP x

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If you leave yourself to get too hungry then hypoglycemic incidents will happen regardless of age.

This is why people are told to eat regularly during the day. It is also more important to do this if you have another condition.

If you can carry some food with you like tree nuts then you can help ensure what has happened does happen again.

Secondly in summer not drinking water or other non-alcoholic fluid during the day is dangerous. You can actually collapse and end up in hospital due to dehydration.


Thanks, I guess that is all it was. My temp is back to 36.2 now ("normal" for me). I know it was really stupid, and I will be much more careful from now on. Where I work it can sometimes be impossible to eat or drink while working - they don't want to see you doing that and breaks are short. I usually plan ahead and make provision but I was really late yesterday. I will store some trail mix and water bottles in my rucksack. Thanks for your help, really appreciated :)


Hello superparrot,,,you body went cold, because it have run out of fuel,,i.e. food to keep you going,,,so it prioritises the need to the main organs of the body, so you went cold!.,and going asleep is one way your body can preserve energy,,,,maybe carrying an emergency food supply would be helpful,,bananas and crisps are easy to have around and a carton of juice to your choice,,,simple little snack to hand,,,,ttfn from Karen.

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Thanks Karen, very helpful :)


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