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How long would you advise to change to NDT ?

Hi there have done endless research of NDT lately I have been on Levo 50mg for 6 weeks and do not feel any better especially in afternoons where I just sleep for hours, I am real interested in changing over, should I give it more time and wait and see or just change over ? My husband thinks I should give it another couple of months or until the end of Sept as I know Im on a low dose and it will be raised xx

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You had lots of good advice on your previous posting with you results. You need to improve your vitamins and minerals and also get an increase in Levo.

Also you have Hashimoto's - high antibodies. Adopting gluten free diet may really help.

Levo really does suit the majority, once we get right dose and good levels of Vit D , B12, folate and ferritin. But we can not rush, it really takes time to settle.

This helps explain

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I agree with SlowDragon. You won't cope with NDT very well while you have nutritional deficiencies - it might well make you feel worse. 50mcg is a very small dose of levo. I wouldn't wait until the end of September, I'd make an appointment now to ask to have the dosage raised to 75mcg as you're still symptomatic.


Many posting here say they feel worse on the early small dose of levo. I did too. The business of getting better takes forever for many. One friend, tsh 60 on diagnosis, says it took two years to get better.


I agree with the other posters. Time, patience, optimal vits and mins, gluten free diet, flouride free toothpaste, remove all soy from your diet (other than fermented soy, that's OK) then some more patience. Your hubby is right.

Probably not what you wanted to hear :( . Once you start NDT, unless your GP is on board then you will have the expense of private testing, sourcing and paying for your own meds, probably your GP wont want anything at all to do with your thyroid health. I've been there, many years ago, done all that, and NDT didn't actually suit me at all.

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