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Do I have underactive thyroid ?

Hey everyone,

I suffer with the following and are going to book an appointment with my GP.

Do you think it sounds like I've got an underactive thyroid ? Thanks

- Tired all the time, regardless of how much sleep

- Arms and legs ache

- Gained 5 stone in pregnancy

- Low basal temperature

- Dry mouth

- Thirsty all the time

- Memory Loss

- Lack of concentration

- Lack of motivation

- Depression

- Anxiety

- Mood Swings

- Thin Eyebrows/Eyebrow hair loss

- Brittle/thin nails

- Regular Acne on face

- Pain on soles of feet

- Constipation/irregular bowls

- Periods -> irregular,heavy, blood clots

- Infertile

- Poor Eye focus

- Tinnitus

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A lot of those symptoms are consistent w underactive thyroid. Blood test will confirm (thyroid function test incl t3, t4, tsh and antibodies). Could be some b12 issues too. When you gained so much weight when pregnant did they test you for gestational diabetes or thyroid issues?


Looks like it and thirst might suggest diabetes.


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