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Third time episode of hyperthyroid

Hi I have had 3 episodes of thyrotoxicosis/greaves disease. My current episode is worse than the last two. Aside from typical symptoms of heart palpitation, sweating & heat intolerance, I was getting breathless easily. This time the itching is worse & I don't seem to get much relief from piriton which my endo doc suggested in previous episodes. I was told my levels this time are mch higher than before (T3 & T4). I have developed spots like freckles all over my body, worse on my back and face. My hair has thinned out and scalp itches really bad worse at night. I am encouraged that am not alone with this condition & shared with my husband about this site. I thought I was loosing my mind with so much going wrong and taking long to see progress. Am currently on propylthiurocil 100mg twice a day - it's horrible. I had bad reaction to carbimazole when I had first episode in 2007. Found this site trying to read on itchy skin😊

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I'm sorry you've had no replies.

As your remissions are temporary and you aren't comfortable with Carbimazole and PTU you might want to consider thyroidectomy or radio iodine ablatement (RAI). Do research your options carefully because both will make you hypothyroid requiring daily Levothyroxine or other replacement.


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