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Am I Missing Something?

Hi All

I'm pretty new to this thyroid thing, but I've had asthma for a silly amount of time and have kept a record of my peak flow and medications for years, firstly on paper and then on an Android App.

I thought I'd try to find an app that would let me keep a record of my test results, what medication I'm using and when I take it. I found half a dozen on Google Play but they all gave information about thyroid (and related) problems without the facility to keep track of test results or medication.

Does anybody know of a good app that I can use?


I've had a bit of a search through the posts

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Sorry, can't help you on that one. I just keep a written record. Hopefully someone will come along soon. If not post again.


Thanks very much for responding - I had a feeling that this would be the answer!


Good thinking Batman. That's a good idea which will probably work well on my phone. Thanks.


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