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NDT 3rd week


3 weeks ago I switched from 200mcg Levo onto NDT (Thytoid-S) I'm self medicating using the STTM protocol. I had to increase the dose early though - on days 8 and 16 as hypo symptoms returned, so I'm on one grain in the morning and 1 at 3pm.

On day 6 I felt 'throaty and glandy' in non-medical terms! It hasn't really gone away and now 2 weeks later I'm in bed with horrible sore throat, painful cough, tight chest and earache. It feels like my adrenal and thyroid glands are on fire.

I take 'my pig' sublingually and this morning I'm feeling like I don't want to take it. I'm trying to listen to my body through this journey, but unfortunately I'm hearing it say no to the pig.

Meanwhile my husband is flying on 1 grain each morning! Last night he was raving about how he's got so much energy, doesn't need his pm nap, his brain fog has gone... while I was collapsed moaning in pain on the sofa!

What's happening to me? Should I switch to WP or Naturethroid? There's nothing wrong with the batch because my husband's using the same bottle.

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The STTM protocol leaves patients on high dose Levothyroxine under medicated until they are on an optimal dose. If you had reduced Levothyroxine dose as you increased NDT you would have avoided becoming under medicated.

NDT is designed to be swallowed with water. The molecules in T4 and T3 are too large to be absorbed sublingually.

I would increase to 3 grains now which is equivalent to 200mcg.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.


That's really interesting - thank you so much. It's always good to get another opinion when so much noise comes from the STTM camp!

Everything you say makes sense - I had a horrible crash from Levo and wish I'd tapered off now.

Do you also agree with dosing twice a day or just once in the morning?

I'm awaiting saliva cortisole test results as I slump around 3pm and then jumpy all night

I really appreciate this advice, thank you



Multi dosing evens out the T3 peaks and troughs.

If you slump at 3pm take the 2nd dose 90 minutes earlier. T3 can improve sleep so you might try the 3rd grain at bedtime. If it disturbs sleep take it earlier.


Brilliant - thank you x


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