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Under active thyroid

I've been diagnosed with slightly high thyroid levels witch wouldn't cause symptoms but I'm getting all the symptoms swollen neck painful with migraines feeling sick and can't eat. but I've also been diagnosed with vitamin d deficiency. Im undergoing tests I have a scan on my thyroid next week and I'm dreading going as they are seeing if it has gone cancerous. Is that normal I'm 22 in 20 days and I'm feeling so alone I'm homeless was a carer but that failed. It feels as tho I'm all alone. I just feel so weak and all my bones hurt me. I feel so irrated and angry. I feel as though I'm going under an there is no way back up pleas someone explain what's going off I dont understand

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Hi Tiasmummy, welcome to the forum. But sorry you need to be here. Didn't your doctor explain anything? Did he prescribe any treatment? All the details you can give will help members to help you.

It's difficult to say anything without seeing the blood test results. Do you have them? Can you tell us which level is slightly high? Doctors often say we shouldn't be having symptoms at certain levels, but we often do. They know nothing about symptoms, anyway, so how would they know?

The hurting bones and weakness could very well be due to the vit D deficiency. Are they treating that? Don't dwell on thyroid cancer, it's rather rare. Far more likely that you thyroid is just having difficulties at the moment, and that's why it's swollen.

Take care. x



The scan is probably to determine whether you have thyroid nodules pressing on a nerve or something causing pain. If a suspicious looking nodule is diagnosed a fine needle aspiration biopsy will confirm or rule out thyroid cancer. Thyroid cancer is very rare, 95% of thyroid nodules are benign.

As Greygoose said, doctors make a lot of assumptions about what levels do and do not cause symptoms. Post your thyroid results and ranges (figures in brackets after results) and we'll advise.

You will feel ill if you aren't eating. Try eating small frequent snacks if you can't manage a meal.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.


Going a bit off track here iam concerned you stated you are homeless having been there my-self i understand what its like i was also heavily pregnant at the time. Are you getting any kind of help with housing etc?

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I am so sorry about your situation and homeless at your young age ,please do not stress about having cancer and yes your bones will hurt if you have a vitamin d deficiency ,I know that from experience and my consultant put me on a vitamin D pill ,it could also be stress related and if you are not eating properly that will not help ,remember you are not alone just keep talking on the forum and people will listen ,I know I will ,I have a daughter your age and it really pains me with what you are going through, wait for the test results and I am sure you will be ok. write anytime and let me know how you get on look after yourself xx

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