Thyroid and HCG

Hi everyone. I have very high anti-tpo at about 1,300 with fluctuating TSH. I had a HCG test which showed 2.0 and I'm concerned. My doc uses 0 - 2.0 as the normal range. I'm not pregnant, nor am I trying to get pregnant. I'm worried about the HCG indicating something else. Does anyone have any experience on this? I keep getting conflicting info online. Thank you.

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HCG is well within limits for a normal non pregnant woman. 10 would be an early indication of pregnancy. Nothing elsie I can see to worry about.

Thanks. So you don't think it's anything to worry about, even if it was at the top of my range?

No I wouldn't think so. Serious non pregnant problems would give HCG values in the thousands or tens of thousands of units.

Many thanks for the info.

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