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Hi, I'm new here. Badly in need of some advice. I have been trying to conceive for the last 3 years and a half. The last two years I was feeling increasingly tired with many other symptoms. Despite a lot of problems with my period the hormone test (including TSH) done two years ago came back as normal according to GP. Only advise was to lose weight and I was not offer any further investigation till I lose a lot of weight. Last year I came back to the doctor, after losing a lot of weight with great effort, the symptons got a lot worse and again the hormone test were considered to be normal. I was then referred to private fertility clinic. Here after seen the irregular patterns and the TSH results from the NHS, they prescribed me Levothyroxine (my TSH was 4.1 and looks like the previous results 2 years ago were the same). The private clinic referred me back to the GP for further investigation (endoscopy and biopsy) and to carry on prescribing Levothyroxine.

After this the GP have been increasing the dosage every 2 months and now I'm on 100 mg daily. This was considered subclinical, but being 100 mg daily it does

not sound subclinical to me. My symptoms are much better now, but the GP has only tested for TSH in order to get down to 2.5

Should I be asking for referral to endocrinologist in order to have a diagnose rather than just rely on the TSH levels? The GP does not seem to understand the issues and I don't know where to go for help


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You're right! GPs do not understand the issues. And they do not understand the meaning of 'subclinical'. Subclinical should mean you have no symptoms, but you did have symptoms - at least two : weight-gain and low fertility. So, it wasn't subclinical.

In some countries, you would be treated the minute your TSH hit 3, because that's when you become hypo. At 2, your gland is struggling. But, NHS GPs often like to wait until the TSH hits 10! They don't know any better.

As for the dose, it doesn't work like that. You need what you need. And your doctor should continue increasing until your TSH is 1 or under. But he probably won't. And, if you intend to get pregnant, you will need a good endo that understands hypo in pregnancy. So, yes, push for an referral to an endo - preferably one of your choice. Not just for a diagnosis, but to care for you properly throughout your pregnancy. If you contact Louise Warville on here, she will send you a list of good endos.


Yes see an endocrinologist!

Or private bloods for a comprehensive thyroid test.

If you are uk based, bluehorizonmedicals offer this.

I'm guessing you are still under medicated.

Post your results on here, there's some very clever people. has some good info re conceiving and hypothyroidism.

Look into Natural Dessicsted Thyroid as Levothyroxine only gives us T4 and we need T3 and the other T's as well.

Are you gluten free? This helps.

Good luck


Google MTHFR which is a methylation problem linked to miscarriage and infertility - you should not be taking folic acid but rather a folate but equally you need a high level of useable b12 in your system for that to work properly. Get these blood levels checked and post the results for others to help. Best wishes 🍀🍀



Just seen some info from Alaena Haber on hashimotos and fertility.

She's on the net.

Good luck.

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Thanks everyone for your advice. It is very much appreciated. According to my GP I don't have Hashimoto (negative antibodies), I'm having a more comprehensive blood test in a few weeks because my THS went from 4.1 initially to 3.7 and after increasing the dosage of Levothyroxine went to 4.2, so apparently it is moving in the opposite direction. The odd thing is that I am feeling a lot better.

Based on the results of the next blood test my GP may refer me to endocrinologist. At the same time she is insisting on me going forward with the IVF without having this issue sorted.

Hopefully I will get some answers soon. It took me three years to get here 😳 I'll keep you posted

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