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Levothyroxine increase

Saw doctor this morning and requested increase due various problems after arguing she agreed for a 2 months this time I will prove that the lower dosage is not right for me as I have been under active all my life, I was on 200mg until a different GP lowered it March 2010 which made me very unwell she did not check bloods for 12 months it had to be increased by another GP as I was very close to a thyroid coma, and became type 2 diabetic the Endo reduced it again Oct 2011 to 1.50 mg my health is not good at the moment with cellulitis in legs for past 5 weeks that won't clear up my hair is also breaking and falls out when brushed, the crux of this is yet another GP ntha really needs to learn more about these conditions before saying that you are in range and telling you are depressed. maybe listening to a patient properly would be more beneficial.

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That is the kind of meds that doc had me on when I was first diagnosed, I was really really depressed, I am not sure about it but I felt worse that when I went in, I had more mood swings than a swing, my husband was very confused, and I had highhhh blood pressure as well,. If I was depressed over the thyroid pill it was being so dizzy from my high blood pressure, so what I did was got off both pills from doc and went to taking the thyroid complex for my thyroid and I know it sounds crazy, but mustard will get your blood pressure down and just you can't eat alot of greasy food, and coffee, or sodas. Try to stay away, I eat and drink it all but not alot, I would suggest going to a vitamin store where you live at and tell them what your going thru,bthat is what I did I am not gonna say I am perfect but I am alot better than what I was.


Thing is Sexygranny I have lived with this all my life and a poorly trained GP cannot tell me how I should be feeling because they don not have the necessary information of the whole endocrine system to help the patient effectively. I was diagnosed at 6 weeks of age and those little pills are a big part of my life. so I know when things are not right with my thyroid and no GP is going to tell me differently as they don't know enough about underactive thyroid problems and the long term affect it has on individuals such as myself if the dosage gets reduced, T3 and all other thing are affected and thats where GP's lack knowledge.

I beleive A GP shold have more in depth knowledge on this as it affectsso many people in many ways, like telling a person they are obese without checking their thyroid for unerlying problems for a reason especially if the patient is virtually starving themselves to help them lose weight.

Yes I am very frustrated with the poor lack of knowledge by GP's as I said I also have type 2 diabetes so I have to watch everything I eat but still get told I need to lose weight when they dont give me the correct dosage of thyroxine .

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You could always buy extra levo yourself and raise your dose.


why should I when my prescriptions are free, I also want to prove that they really are not qualified enough when it comes to the thyroid to make a judgement that affects so many people. they should go and read more about these conditions as too many of us have to fight to get medicated properly.


Cos life's too short to argue with idiot GPs and you can take a GP to the facts but you can't make him accept them. You could try an endo on the TUK list instead, or a different GP.


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