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newly diagnosed

Hi im new on here I have just been diagnosed with hypothyrodism after years of feeling unwell. I have been sent to a dermatologist for my dry skin but their treatment didnt work. Have seen a cardiologist for my racing heart told it was hormonal... been told the hand deadness is carpal tunnel but no follow up given after nerve conductor test.. exhaustion told due to my early mornings !! and so on and so forth, until I questioned that I thought it was due to one thing and that the above were symptoms... I have 2 dogs with addisons so knew how things can disguise themselves.. after my bloods I was told my thyroid sat at 7.5 and that when checked in 2009 it was at 7 then settled. A few months ago I told DRs I couldnt loose weight and they never put 2 and 2 together finally they have started me on thyroxide

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carpal tunnel syndrome is associated with thyroid problems. You are lucky to be treated with a TSH below 10.


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