Any Doctor that can help?

Hello please can someone help I have been on Thyroxine for about seven years and according to my doctor my levels are within range despite ongoing fatigue weight gain shoulder and arm pain. I have read so much about the dose not been right but my doctor is unsympathetic. I am really depressed after having lost three siblings two to heart failure and the other due to post op complications over a period of the last two years. I really eat healthy wxcercise and cannot loose weight does anyone know of a doctor in the West Sussex area that could help me? Thank you for your time. Michelle

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  • Why not post your last blood test results and email Louise at Thyroid UK for the doctors list to see if any local to you.

  • Get hold of your blood test results from your doctor

    Your legally entitlled to them

    We need


    Free t4

    Free t3




    Vit d3

    Then we can tell whats going on

  • Hello blood results below can anyone give advice it doesn't mean or make any sense what these mean? Have a good Sunday😀

  • If all your doctor has tested is TSH its simply not enough because in PRIMARY HYPOTHYROID TSH rises

    but in 2ndary /PITUARITY HYPOTHYROID TSH cannot rise

    Thus just testing TSH is a nonsense

    If you seriously have a load of hypothyroid symptoms then go back to your GP and specifically ask for


    Free T4

    Free T3




    Vit d3


    with those results its easy to determine whats going on

  • Thank you for your comments. Tsh-0.53 Folate-19.6 Ferritin-150 Vit B12-254 . I could not see Free T4 Free T3 or Vit 3 on the form but there were abt 37 lines sorry all very confusing to make sense of it. Thanks all

  • Hi MIckeyrow , you might be better doing a new post for your results on their own so that it is more visible and you get replies quicker. So all your results again but add the ranges in brackets, just a suggestion

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