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Well 'im confused again had results of barium meal , so this is it ... baring in mind i have large bridging osteophytes cervical spine. OK... .so im copying what they said. there is prominent changes within the spine at level C 5/6 because of these changes you are experiencing a transient hold in your food going down. ? so they don't seem to worried about me chocking on food then they say due to the fact of this we could try modifying the textures of the food.? then said if i have any other problems they would be happy to see me...? Really . so now what i sit here wait for these bone spurs to get bigger. and choke me.. i can feel these all the time even when i dont eat actually its worse when i dont. .. like dry swallowing is the worst . OKKKK .. has anyone had this condition here,.. and what was the outcome. it was ENT who i saw.. surely for bone spurs it would be spinal surgeon , i just want this out my neck . any ideas what i can do here, .. ... ty

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I am sorry you are having trouble swallowing and I hope this link will reassure you in some way. It appears it can be connected to the dysfunction of the Thyroid Gland.


well i was thinking this myself as i do have numerous nodules which this was found 9 years ago.. cant understand why they have not followed this up think it's time i was referred back to endo. fed up of been fobbed off.

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You need to ask for a referral to a speech and language therapist. They manage swallowing disorders as well as communication difficulties and will be able to advise you on consistencies that will help the choking.


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