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Treating Adrenals


My GP won't recognise my health symptoms as being hypothyroid, so I have been self treating using Dr P's Thyroid book. Over the last six weeks I have slowly ramped up the adrenalin supplement to 160mg a day of Adreno Lyph, and have now introduced 80mg Thyroid supplement. I have been feeling the best I have felt for years and years. But all of a sudden, yesterday and today, I feel really listless and just of colour. I can't afford to see Dr P sadly, so was wondering if anyone knows if I'm overdosing, or not taking enough?  Or perhaps I need hydrocortisone (although I know my GP would not prescribe this). Thanks

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I can't advise on adrenals and adrenal dosing, but if you've been feeling off colour for a day or two it may be a bug and perhaps you should give it a few days to resolve before adjusting your adrenal dose.


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