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Appetite loss \ ferritin

Hi ladies. Anyone had an appetite loss on levo?  I was on 50 and was making me feel awful and barely eating. Dropping to 25 has increased my appetite but still quite suppressed - very small portions. My ferritin was ver y low which I assume may have had an impact on why I felt so crap on 50 but appreciate any thoughts you wonderful folks may have either about loss of appetite on levo and\or impact of ferritin on levo and appetite. Xx 

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I've had little appetite and have lost a lot a weight since I was switched to Levothyroxine.  Although I'm now taking T3 in addition my appetite hasn't increased.  I've recently started using protein shakes to increase weight.


Thanks clutter. I'm not sure if it's the levo but my appetite loss has coincided with taking it so would seem the obvious reason.... Somehow it is comforting when you find you aren't the only one x

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Hello Olsbird

I was diagnosed hypo 8 weeks ago and started on Levo 50- since then I've had very little appetite and have lost a stone. I was wheat intolerant, but after being diagnosed with Hashi, I took the advice of the lovely people on this forum and gave up gluten too. I have a good blender and make all sorts of shakes to ensure I'm 'eating' lots of healthy fruit and veg and I find I can sit and sip those . I'm also taking supplements.

I agree- it does help to know you are not alone :-)

All the best.


Thanks Chris. X


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