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Basal temp help


I thought I'd do the basal temp test to see what's going on. Couple of questions though, how do I do this when I get up in the night to my little boy? Should I test the first time I get woken? I regularly only get blocks of 3 hours sleep.

Secondly, everything says to use a mercury thermometer but I've got a digital. Can I use this? It's the same one they use in hospitals so I'd have thought very accurate? I won't have opportunity to use a Mercury for 10 minutes when I have a child waiting for me!


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Don't be too concerned. Use the thermometer you have and this is a link which might explain:

It might be a bit more difficult with a young baby. You take temp before getting out of bed when you awake.


Thank you, ok so using my digital on my first wake up at about 2am it came out at 98.96. Did it on next wake at 4am it was 98.78 and on final wake for the day at 6 it was 99.68

I am due on my period any day so I'm hoping this is the reason it's high? 


You need to only take temp once a.m. Your temp is good. Normal is between 97°F (36.1°C) to 99°F (37.2°C).


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