GP withdrawing Armour. Advice needed please : )

After 12 years of being prescribed Armour on the NHS ( I know I'm one of the very few lucky ones) I have struggled to get the repeat prescription since Feb. Finally I am getting a call on Monday from the GP after my 14th call to get her to respond. I would like to be prepared for the conversation. Does anyone know what the laws are about withdrawing from prescribing after all these years? The GP asked for the Private Endo to write which I duly paid for so she has evidence regarding conversion problem and intolerance to synthetics. All the gmc guidelines state is that I have a right to explanation and a second opinion. That's it.

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  • There are cheaper NDTs if she is purely concerned about cost. Armour has increased in price a lot lately. 

  • Thanks Harry. Don't think it is cost. It's lack of education about TSH levels unfortunately, though your post had made me mindful that the cost might be the real issue that's unsaid!

  • Yes, it's not what they say necessarily! Good luck

  • Make a formal complaint.

  • Hi,

    I thought that it is possible to have this on a named patient basis.


  • That's what I've been doing TT. BUT it's up to the doctor's discretion & they aren't forced to follow the endo's advice if they don't understand it.

  • Thanks Treepee, I will be doing that for sure

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