My experience= research re Gender bias

I'm very conscious that Thyroid diseaseaffects men as well as women so really really don't want to alienate anyone. As a mother of an eccentric awesome talented son who was erroneously labelled with aspergers and a fabulous husband of 30years who has his own health struggles 're diabetes. I am there with them to fight their corner. As far as I am concerned though, misogyny is rife. There are conclusive studies ( Yentil Syndrome et al ) that demonstrate gender bias. And without a doubt this has been my experience. Iv contributed to Katie Ernst Miss-treated blog, and can recommend it to anyone who feels similar

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  • Thanks for your post and am sorry you have come across misogyny males when dealing with your family's different illnesses. At least with a wife and mother who wont stand any nonsense they'll come to no harm. I must admit we do get exasperated at times when we expect doctors/consultants to diagnose and relieve conditions - not send us off with a flea in our ear (I've had an experience like that with the result that the patient didn't have any tests with a catastrophic result and the doctor reacted with anger to me).

  • I think it would be helpful to have a link to that blog. My first two attempts found these :

    But I'm guessing this is what you meant :

  • Yes I'm a facebook phobe at least with personal stuff so yes miss treated. Org

  • I found the misstreated blog interesting but also depressing. I can't see how the situation will ever change.

  • I know, I hope she has good support x

  • Outside of my daughter and 4 grandaughters all Hashis i actually know more men with Hashis and that includes my husband

    I do not believe the figures they spout about women versus men when it comes to thyroid

  • You may be right, are the men related? Just wondering if family history is more influential, I'm convinced my brother has it but he doesn't listen to me ..,in any event even if the incidence of men v women is flawed it's more the struggle to get a diagnosis and be taken seriously when we have symptoms that in my experience is biased.

  • When i was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis it took about ten years.At that time i seem to recall it was thought only men were affected. Now it is clear women are affected but time to diagnosis has not altered much 6-8 years i believe.

  • No not related

    Your brother is very silly to ignore hypothyroid possibility

  • Tell me more about your son, if you don't mind, why was he misdiagnosed, and was there a different correct diagnosis (like celiac, for example) .... if you don't mind.

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