Hi all,

just wondering if anyone has tried Thyroplex. I have been struggling for years with sleep apnea, insomnia, no energy, crashing every day around midday and generally feeling like a zombie with no purpose, virtually no memory, confusion etc etc.

Well, about 2 weeks ago I, in desperation, went to visit my local Pharmacist and he put me onto

thyroplex.. Because I had zero sense or advice from any GP I have completely given up on them.

This pharmacist was full of information and advice (no doctor has ever been so thorough) so I was

feeling pretty confident in following his advice but still doubted that anything could make me feel

better... could not believe it!!!! Yay, I am almost my old self and have my energy back.... just thought

if it could make me feel soooo good maybe it would be helpful to all you hypos out there.

I don't know if it is sold in UK because I am in Australia and believe it's from NZ. Hope y'all have some

luck finding and benefitting from it.

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  • Yes, it is available here in the UK. I've not tried it but for anyone interested it is a glandular containing hypothalamus, adrenal, pituitary, thyroid, ovary in the women's version and testicle in the men's, and it's quite expensive at about £36+ for 30 capsules. You can easily find the sellers by googling "Thyroplex UK" and find the amounts of the different ingredients.

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