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Hi, I am quite new to being diagnosed with hypothyroidism, although I think I have had this for a long time but undiagnosed. I have been taking levothyroxine for approx. 10 weeks and I am only on a low dose of 75mg, but have been told this is likely to increase in 3 months when I go back for more bloods. I really don't understand this very well and my doctor hasn't really explained the illness to me.

My main concern is my weight... I have put 5 stone in in 3 years and whatever I do I cant drop a single pound which is really getting me down, has anyone got any tips of how they have lost weight with hypothyroidism?

Thank you, Lisa

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Hey. I was only diagnosed in may but have had symptoms for years been over weight since having my kids and always struggled to get anything off. I would go to slimming classes and gain weight.

Loosing weight will take time. And will be virtually impossible until you are at optimal levels.

So as regards to your under active thyroid.. it takes quite a while to feel well. I was diagnosed last year and I'm still trying to get my bloods at a optimal level. It's important that you understand it is a slow and frustrating process.

Many of us do well on levo some of us don't.

There are some extra tests that are recommended to be carried out









a lot of symptoms can be due to being low or deficient in some vitamins.

Being under active means that you do not produce enough hormones.

Our brain (pituitary gland) tells out body to produce the hormone T4 which then converts to another hormone called T3. T3 is tge active hormone and it is distributed throughout our body to help us function.

Being under active means your body doesn't do this

Your doctor will generally only test TSH and FT4 and you may struggle to get other things tested.

There is loads of information on thyroid uk to help you through these early days.

It is normal to have your bloods tested 6/8 weeks. It takes this long for the hormone to build and store in our system.

When you have your bloods done Tey and get the earliest appointment between 8 and 9 am. Fast only drinking water before your bloods and not taking any meds for 24 hrs before your appointment. This will give you the most accurate reading.

Once you have your results post them on here and people will help you understand them. Make sure you put ranges on too as they vary with Labs.

Hope this helps and I'm sure someone with more knowledge will also give advice



Thank you for taking the time to reply that is really helpful :) I am glad I am not alone with the weight ... I will get all the ranges when I have my next blood tests and take it from there, thanks again.


No problem. You are welcome. You are so not alone. We have all been through it and a lot of us still are.

Keep your chin up and ask as many question as you wish. Also good reading posts you will find out loads of stuff


Great website full of information for you to read.....

Hope you soon feel better. I find The Two Day Diet good - there is a website and a book by the same name. I too have problems shedding weight and keeping it off in spite of being active :-( I am T3 only but obviously not on enough !

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Thanks, I will take a look at that diet and give it a go. Its awful isn't it :( whatever I do I just gain, can't wait till the level is correct and I can final loose...


...just keep reading and asking questions. Also it does take time unfortunately to get everything right. Rome wasn't built in a day :-)

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Hodgson, I really Don't think you should be trying any sort of diet at the moment. You've only just started on this journey, and your T3 is bound to be low. Whatever you do, you won't lose any weight until it gets higher - and by dieting and over-exercising, you could make things worse. Be patient. It will get better, I promise, but trying to hurry things can give you a nasty set-back! You know what they say : more haste, less speed!


Do you have hashimotos?

Inflammation, fluid from improper treatment, low levels of free t3. You cannot lose weight with this going on. I am sure that, for starters, you are not converting t4 to active t3.


Hello, sorry I don't know what that is? How do I find out if I have that? Thank you, Lisa


Ask your doctor to test for antibodies : TPOab and TgAB.

Hashimoto's is an autoimmune disease, where the immune system attacks the gland and destroys it (very short version!). It is the most common reason for people becoming hypo.

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If you have been 0n 75 for 10 weeks then you need a blood test now.

Jo xx


Hello, I was on 50 to start with and have just been increased to 75 and have been told I have to wait another 3 months for more bloods, although I think it should only be 6-8 weeks :( It is so frustrating.... Thanks, Lisa x


Yes, it should be 6 weeks - 8 maximum. Just go back to your doctor and tell him you feel bad, and would like a blood test NOW, please. Waiting too long for an increase can be counter-productive.

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Thank you, I will go back this week! :)




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