Shivering and Shakin' Like a bowl of Shakin' Bakin'

I was curious about some symptoms I've been suffering, but the cause seems much more psychological than physical. Considering how I love and study psychology, it's amazing to me that I don't know what's causing this.

Sometimes when I read or type some things out, I'll start shaking a bit. Yesterday this shaking was extremely severe, and it looked to others almost like I was having a seizure. All of this happened as I typed something out. Could anyone explain why my message and reading the response caused me to shake that heavily..?

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  • Could be hypoglycaemia

  • It could be to do with your age as I sometimes start to shake when I am eating, loose most of my meal off the fork, but was told it was caused by the sudden intake of sugars ? even though it was a roast meat and veg dinner,

    OR do you drink alcohol as this can make you shake, sorry I cannot be of more help Oathborn.

  • Might be worth getting your B12 checked with a blood test for active B12. B12 deficiency can cause all sorts of strange symptoms.

  • Hi Oathborn - I wondered about what it was you'd posted - but see this is your first post, so am a bit confused. (It doesn't take much... ;) )

    Do you have a known thyroud issue?

  • Nope, none

  • An awful lot of things can make you shake - hyperthyroidism, for one - but I would think the reason was more likely to be physical than psycological. Unless it was extreme grief.

  • I'm with greygoose: start with the physical, unless you have other reasons to suspect a psychological issue. The academic study of psychology and even decades of experience within mental health does not lend to some sort of 'power' to explain strange aspects of life to us: many psychologists try to debunk that kind of stuff ;-) Hope it clears up.

  • Do you have a thyroid problem ? - this is a Thyroid website.....

  • I used to have episodes of extreme shaking when very hypothyroid but also as others have said have had them when over medicated too

  • Sorry to hear you are not well - have you checked out 'Essental Tremor' ?

  • Hyperthyroidism is a definite possibility, but there are many, many other physical reasons that give neurological problems. I'm just aware of a handful and B vitamins can play a vital role here. Exposure to toxins will have this effect too - and toxins can build up if you're very stressed, so, yes, you have a point.

    If a doctor told me that such symptoms were psychological I'd be very wary, unless you'd recently experienced a big stressful event. However, I expect that if you have a half decent GP they'll certainly want you to have a blood test.

  • Maybe it's an anxiety attack. Some people who have panic attacks wear rubber bands on their wrist and snap them a few times. Hypoglycemia can cause hand shaking, so much that when you try to drink a glass of water it's hard to hold the glass still. An immediate cure is to eat something. Apple w/peanut butter is a good choice.

  • I did the same thing, my hands were spastic. I couldn't type on the phone and kept dropping things. I told my doc and she didn't think it was my Serequl she said Neurontin. I quit taking Nerrintin and it stopped.

  • When I had continued heavy stress I "blew out" my adrenal glands. My inside would shake like a bowl of jelly. I started using aadrenal support from Herb Pharms and other stuff. Hope this helps. Good luck

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