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HAIR PIECE instead of wig, I didn't know if should start a new thread but before my hair loss gets worse I am looking for a blonde hair bang piece etc that is natural to wear ...I have read here and there that women say it makes a world of difference if you find a good one and so I am looking if anyone has any ideas...or specific ones that are wonderful.....I need to do something before summer. Just thought I would throw that out there ....... I have found that the artificial hair ones ...some look fake or you cant style them with hot tools, so human hair better but some have some very fake colors online......and some people on the blogs said it was key to find one that doesn't have a bulky band that shows up in thinning can t believe I have come to this but I read on some blogs way back that I should have saved that once you get a hair piece it is not as frustrating and you can live your life a little more at peace without this billboard on your head that says ' are you losing hair'

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Not sure about buying one online. I know someone who has one but she went to someone's house - the lady sold hairpieces and wigs and I don't think it was a shop my friend went to - she saw a selection and was able to try and choose exactly what she was getting. I'm sure if you ask around you would be able to find this somewhere similar.

I also came across a lady who is a member of a club I'm a member of, I didn't know her terribly well back then but I said to her one night that I loved her new hairstyle - I was absolutely astounded when she leaned over and whispered 'it's a new wig'. I would never in a million years have thought that. she said that her own hair had got so thin she couldn't stand it any more - so don't give up there are really good realistic hairpieces / wigs out there. You possibly just don't realise from looking at them that they aren't real. I'm just sorry I can't be more of a help about where to find them.

that was a lot of help and encouraging and informative...I appreciate your detail and information...THANK YOU

I've bought from a wig shop Josie's in Torquay who are very good and also have an online shop where I would think they do returns the same as Simply Wigs online who also do return, both do hair toppers and Josie's will do to order. I notice they do them on E.bay as well but always check they do returns. Better if you can to see the product but not always easy with most hair toppers and wigs on line and only the odd excellent wig shop on the go. I bought a fabulous one a few years ago fron The House of Fraser but sadly they no longer do them. BTW Browns also do wigs for hair loss not sure about toppers, toppers from my experience are far more natural.

If you were in the UK and looking for a topper, this is what I'd try first ( with the benefit of ten years hindsight - I wear a custom piece that cost £1000+)

As you are in the US, you will find that is an Aladdin's cave, all there is to know about any kind of hairpiece you might want...and all available.

Good luck

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