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GPs: Behind Closed Doors - Channel 5

This week's episode will be repeated tonight at 8pm on Channel 5+24 (055 on FreeView) and is available online:

There's a hyperthyroid chap who hasn't been taking his pills but, of greater interest to me was Patricia, at about 23 minutes and 25 minutes into the programme. She came in concerned about urticaria (hives), but also had sore knees and felt she was losing her abilities. Maybe the urticaria was a side effect of an anti-inflammatory... or perhaps her thyroid (for which there's a known association)? I don't know whether her thyroid function had been tested. She left with the possibility of anti-depressants, but nothing to help during her forthcoming holiday, which is why she'd come in. It did state at the end that she felt better after her break, so not every solution resides in a bottle.

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Gosh, the poor man with the bad back... obviously we don't have a history but why didn't he get a physio referral?

Oh bless that woman! The look of pleadng in her eyes for him to help, to do something :(

I shouldn't be surprised but I actually am at the lack of any original thinking on the part of GPs - they're not exactly setting the world alight with their sharp brains, detective skills or listening skills.

I'm really at a loss tbh - it's depressing :(


I felt that lady should have been considered for a possible thyroid problem, what with urticaria, depression, pain and brain fog!

I was also quite concerned that the hyperthyroid chap was not getting the tests he needed. The possibility of Graves' or Hashis did not seem to be considered. It was a case of treating the symptom of the overactive thyroid as if it were in isolation.


Not just that - did you notice he was also on tablets for palpitations? Talk about a lack of joined up thinking.

I sometimes wonder whether those of us with diagnosed thyroid issues and vitamin deficiencies see the proverbial "reds under the bed" but we've also discovered that most doctors are woefully ill informed or just plain ignorant about these things, which means I spend most of the program shouting at the TV!


This seems to be the way the nhs works now, one problem per visit, meaning one symptom, gone are the days of actually getting all symptoms and diagnosing, now it seems antidepressants are the answer for everything, even though Pfizer have stated in their patient leaflet that hypothyroidism is a side effect of treatment with lustral (sertraline), yet GP still refuses to acknowledge what is in black and white...


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