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Increased cravings due to Hyperthyroidism?

All of a sudden around the end of November/beginning of December i stopped having an appetite, I was eating little bits of chocolate here an there and one meal for tea but i could only eat about half of it. I would get full after a couple of mouthfuls and then had to force myself to eat more.

On the 23rd December, I began feeling really ill. my appetite was the same but I felt really dizzy and weak and it turned in to a very bad cold. I've never had one like it before. I was completely drained and yet i was sleeping 18-20 hours a day for almost 10 days, if i wasn't sleeping i was lay in bed as i couldn't move. The first few days after i got over my cold and started trying to eat more, I noticed my taste buds where finding some foods too strong but after a few days it went back to normal.

For the last two weeks i've been getting really bad cravings. all i ever seem to want to eat is Jam on Toast & bars of chocolate. the first week that's all i ate. now i'm still craving them but i'm also craving quiche and pizza's which i keep giving in to and don't usually eat.

Does anyone have any theories on why this has suddenly started happening? I really want to get it back under control. I have had craving's before but these ones are really strong (if that makes sense). I have been wondering if it's because i'm Hyper but like i mentioned earlier i've never had them this bad/strong before. Not eating what i'm craving is making my cravings stronger.

Any advice would be very appreciated


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Hi Nikki I don't know your age - could you be in v early weeks of pregnancy re lightheaded and cravings? How loss of appetite fits in though I don't know. Are you on any meds for anything aside from being hyper?

The brains neuroreceptors and neurotransmitters seem to be in charge at present going on what you are saying!

I'm not medically trained or qualified, but have had a few different health conditions over last few years to cope with, so I've learnt quite a bit about me and my health!

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With the reduced appetite you may have set up the right conditions for a cleansing/healing crisis (Herxheimer reaction). I fasted for several days at a time a few times, many moons ago, and even the flavour of an apple was almost unbearably intense when I returned to eating. Ideally, of course, you should break your fast with wholesome food ;-)


I've also had a very weird appetite recently. I'm changing doses, so have been feeling quite unwell anyway, and often too fatigued to move or prepare food. At first I thought I was too tired to eat, but I've also had a few times where I've got more energy and also don't want to eat. Or I've been lying in bed starving, but cannot bring myself to eat anything in the house.

I've also found it easier to eat very soft, nursery type foods, like mashed potato, peanut butter, cheese some oatmeal but it fills me up quickly. Usually I don't eat carby foods like this!

I expect I am quite hypothyroid atmo, as I am increasing my dose very slowly. But I've been getting a variety of more erratic symptoms while increasing.


Could be you have nutritional deficiencies. Especially as you haven't been eating much. Best to get vit D, vit B12, folate, ferritin and any others you possibly can, tested.


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