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H.Pylori / Gut Parasite Test? - UPDATED 9th Jan

It's me again, been busy reading Izabella Wentz's Hashi's book and have noticed H.Pylori pops up quite a bit. Did a little reading up on it and apparently it's quite common and many people can have it and show no symptoms. Initially she had gut problems (which I didn't) and she obviously showed positive. She had bundles and bundles of different tests (obviously I can't afford what she had done) but as I am trying to look at every avenue, I wondered if it was worth getting tested? I do have a couple of the symptoms plus I have lost a stone in weight since I went downhill :(

****UPDATE *****

I am updating this because, as with all of us, we are seeking the causes behind our illnesses and more importantly,, how to put things right so we can get a decent quality of life! I have had two severe Hashi's flares since late last summer (which is when I found out I had Hashi's from having my own private bloods done, which showed an antibody reading of 4,000). Since then I have been researching and asking for advice on here, trying to learn about the disease I have.

Now any Hashi sufferer will know (as I am learning) that there are a multitude of things linked to it and it's a case of process of elimination having different tests. From what I have been reading flares are usually triggered by something; I think my trigger might be stress. BUT I don't remember being that stressed when I had my flare up late summer. I was bumbling along quite nicely and since the late summer I have not been able to get right and had another severe flare up over Christmas, which I am hoping I am just coming out of.

I have been casting my mind back to the late summer when things kicked off badly for me and I may have stumbled across a reason to be tested for gut parasites and H.Pylori and any other test if someone knows!!!

I started doing some gardening work for people to boost my poor income. I have done quite a bit of work for customers who are pet owners (dogs and cats). Now we all know that cats and dogs poop and wee in gardens. I have never been a great lover of gardening gloves and did carry out work without using gloves as I love the feel of the soil through my hands, although I did end up using gloves all the time because my hands were getting sore. I think you see where I am going with this as regards tests as I have read that H Pylori can be picked up via faeces!

Even though I have had pets for 50yrs I am wondering if I picked up some sort of parasite/bacteria from my gardening work which started the ball rolling in attacking my immune system. Because of the work I did and not always using gloves I am thinking it is worth getting tested, so at least I can cross another thing off the list.

What do you think guys? xx

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I got a breath test done for SIBO by the NHS. It involves drinking some sickly liquid and blowing into a tube every ?30 mins for a few hours. Mine was negative, of course. You probably need to ask for a referral to gastroenterology. I also got one for bile acid, plus barium swallow (both radioactive done by nuclear medicine) and colonoscopy.


do you have Hashi's hon?


No, secondary hypo.


what's "secondary" hypo hon?


Hypo caused by a problem with the pituitary gland, not the thyroid.

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Back in 1997 my GP, at my request, ordered a breath test for H. Pylori, which was positive. I'd had digestive problems for 25 years and the symptoms almost completely cleared up after treatment.

This month I asked my new GP to test again, as similar symptoms have returned. She's ordered a stool test - I'll get the results sometime soon.


Hi Trixie, did you have it done through the NHS hon? what symptoms did you have?


Yes, NHS. Symptoms before 1997 mainly bloating, flatulence, burping, plus sometimes a very nasty sensation in my stomach which I can only describe as feeling full of soggy cardboard!

Now I'm getting the bloating and wind, up and down, but not the unpleasant stomach. These symptoms could be due to me not yet being optimally medicated or to the Candida overgrowth I know I have. I hope to eliminate the possibility of H.Pylori.


hope everything goes well hon xx


Thanks Jefner


Nhs stool test, reflux getting worse is enough for gp to agree. I have Hashis, it was negative. Worth ruling out, though if u have no gut symptoms it maybe is one to put nearer the end of the list.


Hi Asp, many thanks for your response. I so get a bit of a sore tummy now with nausea but that's when my anxiety surfaces and then it disappears. I have only touched the surface in learning about my Hashi's which I had to diagnose myself through private Love the way you mention the word "list"....oh my, what else should I investigate? Leaky gut is very common apparently. I am "hopefully" coming out of another immune attack but my anxiety/panic/nausea symptoms have been so severe, they frightened me so much as I wasn't able to control them. I have lost a stone in weight as well.

Have long is it since you were diagnosed and how do you manage yours? Do you fluctuate between hypo and hyper. Have you had flare-ups and what symptoms did you get and how did you calm things down?


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