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Type in Dr. Peter Glidden in Youtube, he is very interesting, and certainly strengthens my views, about the medical profession.

For example, taking 4 x Brazil nuts daily, or 200mcg Selenium, will reduce breast cancer by 83%. The medical profession should be telling girls, or Mums, should I say, from the year dot, that they should be be supplementing their girls with this.

I love his analogy of Mds, they are colour blind art critics!!!

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Thanks I will be looking Dr. peter Glidden up!

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Hi win_4ever, there are some comments, that he is insane, but I do agree with what he says, and so do a lot of others, it makes sense.


I've just listened to this re digestion - about 5 mins:-

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I think that he is very good at explaining quite simply, for all to understand.


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