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I have hypothyrodism since childhood.I was unaware of wheat and gluten.Recently for 3 months i took wheat as a substitute to rice meal.I was unaware about the side effects of gluten.After started taking wheat for 1 month. I got muscle pain,skin infection,eyelid infection followed by dry eye then ear infection.I was worried though i was having healthy diet why am feeling unwell.Recently i happen to read an article about wheat and gluten.Then i immediately stopped eating wheat then continued with the rice.My doubt is i took wheat for 3 months 2 times a day,how long i have to be wheat free to become normal.What are the other foods i hav to avoid..?Is taking 3 month wheat had worsen my thyroid..? Im really worried a lot.

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Good morning

Don't worry too much as anything can be rectified.

As far as I understand if you have Hashimotos (an Autoimmune Thyroid Condition) then going gluten-free can help you feel better.

If you have hypothyroidism I don't think gluten can affect us in the same way.

You haven't completed your Profile which gives us an idea of your thyroid gland history.

Do you have a copy of your most recent blood test results with ranges which can be helpful to enable comments to be made.

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Hi, ask your doctor for a test for celiac disease. Around six per cent of those who are hypothyroid also have this disease. It is important to rule this in or out before you stop eating wheat and gluten.

If you have celiac disease, your doctor will advise you on how to proceed.

If the test is negative, come back to these boards, you should then try a gluten exclusion diet to see if gluten sensivity, distinct from celiac disease, really is a problem for you. You will get lots of help here on that, but first go to your doctor and get the celiac test.

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thank you..from childhood i used to take wheat products but not on daily diet..on occasionally i will take wheat products..i didnt feel any problems on those days..but now i replaced rice by wheat in my noon food.may be continuous exposure of wheat for a continuous period of time may lead to these problems..thanks for the tips sir..


The increase in gluten in your diet may have revealed an existing problem.

See what your blood test for celiac reveals.

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