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At the moment I purchase my Erfa from a private doc. I don't actually see a written prescription. I'm not entirely happy with his advice but when I need more Erfa I have to pay >£70 for a consultation and then pay for the Erfa. (sometimes only enough for one month)

Could someone kindly PM me where I could buy it, on-line without a prescription. Thank you.

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Someone will respond. It does run very expensive when you've already consulted him and he's already given a prescription. Why cannot he give a repeat prescription - who can tell?


Hi, I've sent you a private message. Jane x


You shoud buy direct, it would be cheaper.


Thanks again. I am hoping to do that - need a bit of confidence to cut tie with private, prescribing doc., as I don't have the backing of my GP either. I appreciate your help, thank you. Sandra


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