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Harmony magazine issue 11

Karina Donnellan shared her story in the harmony magazine. I too have thyroid issues with many symptoms. I recently found out I also have sjogrens desease and feel Karina is displaying a lot of the same symptoms. Sjogrens takes on average 7 years to diagnose, doctors don't really know about it and everyone thinks the symptoms are dry eyes and mouth, if only it was. It effects all the body and gastric problems are common. Just thought it was worth mentioning.

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Hello Jakki,

Welcome to our forum and sorry to hear that you have Sjögrens.

Earlier this year I was told I had some antibodies commonly found in Sjögrens. However, recent testing has shown a negative result but I guess like all autoimmune antibodies, they fluctuate. I don't appear to be symptomatic.

Do you have a thyroid condition? Post any questions & advise of meds, doses and recent blood test results complete with ranges ( numbers in brackets).

Also please share any Sjogrens experience or questions you have for other members to comment.



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