Why do I feel hypo on NDT when dose is higher

I have been on 50mcg levothyroxine for two years. A month ago I changed onto Thiroyd NDT from Thailand and take .5 grain first thing in morning, then another .5 grain late morning and usually .25 grain late afternoon. I definately feel hypo with hoarse voice, palpitations and getting my words muddled up. I wonder if NDT is weaker? Not sure what to do.

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  • thiroyd by greater pharma? is that right? i take the same brand, but im on 60mg which is one tablet and i was taking 75mcg levo. i take a whole tablet in the morning and one in the evening. i dont take the levo anymore, my symptoms have improved - foggyhead, headaches gone. i wonder if .5 grains is the same as the tablets i have?

  • Yes, Thiroyd by Greater Pharma of Thailand. I am not on levo 50mcg anymore but feeling that 1.25 grains or 75mg of Thiroyd is too low. So do you take 2 full grains a day, 120mg equalling your 75mcg of levo? If you are feeling good on 120mg then if I am right doing my maths I should be taking 80mg of levo. So I take half a grain first thing in morning and half a grain lunchtime with a small piece late afternoon. Perhaps then Thiroyd isn't as strong as levo. So glad you have improved, there is hope. I took two per day last week and was getting chest pains so had to reduce and take it easy for a few days. Now its the palpitations. I had been on levo for two years and started feeling hypo but doctor wouldn't retest or raise so changed doctors and gone onto NDT as heard that the longer you are on NDT the worse it becomes, better to change earlier than later.

  • yes, i take 2 full grains per day, (2 whole tablets) 1000 count bottle. little white pills. one early (around 5am) and one around 3 or 4pm. i noticed when i was on too little my headaches and foggyhead would return, ive played around with doses a little to find out what i should be taking, and im at that with 2 full pills per day.

  • This might be helpful:-



    You will see from the following chart that NDT is stronger than levothyroxine and although your dose of NDT is 65mcg it is actually nearer, in effect, to around 100mcg of levo because of the T3 content in NDT.


  • hi shaws, thank you, yes it is on the high side, but clutter had looked at my tsh from a few months back and suggested i might have been under medicated at 75mcg of levo only at the time, which i think explains why my taking the extra NDT isnt having an overmedicated affect now.

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