United we stand today . . . . with those who grieve ! :'~((


We share your grief today . . . . . . and condemn the NEEDLESS violence and murder of innocent people.

War may not be "worth one life" as Harry Patch said.

However, the aggressive murder of fellow humans going about their lives does and will require even closer continued scrutiny. We will UNITE with those affected, and those not yet so closely affected to prevent such MINDLESS atrocities in the future.

We will nurture our own vigilance, find those with such bad intends and prevent them from causing harm as they see fit. We shall see the utter futility of responding to hate with more hate. We shall recognise that many of the young who are persuaded into such misguided violent actions are often groomed by those with highly disturbed visions of intolerance and an impatience to change the world to what they believe it SHOULD be. We shall care for the vulnerable that others would seek to misuse toward those misguided ends.

Out of such misfortunes, OUR resolve to live in PEACEFUL societies with even fewer such incidences, can only really be strengthened; those grief-causing methods are bound to fail in the end, with sufficient understanding and skill on OUR part. We shall remain calm, focussed and determined to not respond in ways that may be expected of us by fear-inducing methods.

We shall unite to promote greater meaningful peace in ALL the ways that are reasonable.

In this moment, we pause in sympathy with those who have so unexpectedly and so needlessly lost their loved ones.

(Sat 14 Nov 2015)

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  • It is a tragedy - causing unnecessary suffering to thousands of other human beings going about their everyday business and unsuspecting that people are planning to cause absolute havoc and death.

  • Nice words Sid Arthur and thank you. I can tell you that the atmosphere here in France is one of anger and mourning. But as far as I can see, no one has yet come up with a solution for eliminating these idiots?

  • Thanks for posting


  • Yes, Sid Arthur, We should all be united against this evil and try to prevent it from winning by being extra vigilant. A bigger tragedy was averted by the fact that the ticket holder strapped with explosives wasn't allowed entrance to the stadium.

  • Thanks Rebec ! ;o)xx

    It is relieving to become aware of more details a day or two later which point to a much worse tragedy being prevented - systems are already in place for our societies to be as safe & peaceful as they are. Incidences such as this one only strengthen our resolve to further improve those systems.

    There is also much evidence of the PRACTICAL application of Parisian good will too, like the increase in blood donation as just one example. These are positive responses demonstrating our humanity in the face of threat. There are many choices in responding to a wholly premediated disaster such as this apart from being paralysed by fear (- as those who go to great lengths in their disturbance to harm innocent people actually aim to cause).

    As I heard one interviewee comment, we'd better "keep calm & carry on" to deal with the reality as it is. Let's hope no significant part of the response by governments ends up (as being perceived) as fuelling hate with more hate.

    More skilful, effective and less costly ways in bloodshed are available to us, I feel. Over the coming days, weeks and months we can at least provide a moral support to Parisians from afar. Identifying and supporting those who are feeling alone, grieving and fearful in ways appropriate to them can be opportunities to consider and develop our own responding skills.

    With our own 7/7 (UK) event I saw a placard on TV from another country, which touched me deeply. It simply said "London we are with you". Simple words can have a deep effect at the appropriate moment.

    Now we have the opportunity to say "Paris we are with you !" And I can see Parisians coping with the same dignity and resolve that Londoners did. There is much evidence for that already.

  • Hear hear Sid well said, decent people around the world will unite with compassion

  • Having lived in Paris myself and now having children of about the age of the people at the concert, I feel so very much for the Parisian people. I now live near London and my daughter lives in the centre of London, so it's always a worry that we could have more atrocities here in the UK. I have a few Muslim friends who are lovely, but why is it that (apart from the 'troubles' in northern Ireland), it seems the only people, (taking into account all the diversity of religions in the UK), who seem to want to harm us, belong to the Muslim religion. My Muslim friends tell me theirs is religion of peace!

    Solidarity and love to the Parisian people.

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