Emotional Tachycardia

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I had a heart attack 2 months ago, had 2 stents in my RCA shortly afterwards was stress tested (Bruce Protocol) for 16 mins with no issues and was given the all clear to do what i wanted again. Note the stress test was done when i was under 2.5 of Bisoprolol my heart rate was taken to 168bpm. I then started rehab Clinic and performed a number of exercises for 25-30 mins which i did at a quite high intensity. During the cool down period i was told that when my heart rate reached 86 i would be allowed to go but not any sooner. My heart rate stayed at 100, second time i went it shot up higher during exercises and after exercise and took quite a long time to come down. I am getting nervous just going there now. ECG resting shows no issues. When i calm down resting HR is back down below 60, no cheat no sweating, no palps, no shortness of breath , slight dizziness I'm only on 1.25 Bisoprolol at night now as 2.5 was giving me loads of side effects. I plan to get another stress test but just wondered if anyone had similar issues.


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  • Hi Ravi1000, have you posted in the right forum? We're Thyroid UK and are happy to discuss thyroid issues but we aren't the right forum to advise on heart issues and medication.

  • Sorry you're right let me see how to move it . thx

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