Do not microwave your thyroid!!

I have thrown my microwave out years ago, if my kids want one in the house, they can't, it's a banned article!!

The worst thing to do with a microwave is, heat up breast or bottled milk, using our wonderful flourodated water. Two things that are a recipe for future disasters, to our health, and our children's.

I am sure that we will all say, "oh I can't live without it, but our Mum's did. My Mum used to keep Dad's dinner hot, on a metal plate, with a metal plate covering it, over a pan of hot water, or on a slow oven, and it was never dried out.

It is quick easy and too convenient for us to use, but with a little forethought, it is not needed. Babies bottles can be heated up in a pan of hot water, I am sure that you can think of other methods, but NOT the dreaded Microwave.

I have to say, that with my 7 children I had copious amounts of breast milk, so never had to even worry about a microwave. I worked from home then, so was able to breast feed for as long as needed, also supplementing proper food with it, but never ever bought tinned, or dried packet, baby food, that's what your liquidiser is for, or fork!

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  • We know this yet some of us still do it... some older ways are now showing to be waaayyy more helpful and accurate than 'progress'!

  • Yes a lot of the old traditional methods, were the best, slower, but way more healthier.

  • Yes, just like endos ;-)

  • Never a truer word!

  • I agree that we should be very wary of microwave ovens. And avoid using mobile/DECT phones altogether too.

  • Hi Hypopotamus, thanks for the reply, yes for years, I have never used my mobile next to my ear, it's on loudspeak. My ear used to get very hot using it close to my ear, not exactly normal, one would think.

  • I always use the speaker too just because it is more convenient :D but I try always place my phone as far as possible during the night.

  • It's not only the brain tissue that is harmed by microwave radiation.

    May I confirm that it is possible to live without a mobile phone. LOL

    Also watch out for the DECT phones, and their base stations.

  • Wish I could live without it, but with a business to run, and 7 kids, need to have a mobile, but use it as little as possible. In the old days before a mobile phone, well nobody had one, we could manage, but I couldn't now.

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