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Advice needed with thyroid tests

I've been told my thyroid results are normal but I haven't been given any scores.

I have been unwell for some time and am progressively getting worse.

I am exhausted all the time, I wake every night in the middle of the night. Some nights I have butterflies in my throat and my arms shake. I have been treated for carpel tunnel, polycystic ovaries. I have now developed gluten and lactose intolerance. I have freezing cold hands and feet. My mouth is always dry. I am no longer able to lie on my left side as I have pain in my back and get internal tremors when I try. My periods have stopped. I have been tested for menaupase and been told that I'm fine. I have had test done that says my motility isn't working. I get hives on my skin and itch and if I have a food that isn't good I get night sweats. I originally put on a lot of weight but the last few months due to my inability to eat hardly anything at all I have lost weight. If I get cuts or a flea bite it takes weeks to heal. I am struggling with many foods all which point to thyroid issues and my reflexologist has commented for the last two years that my thyroid is always not good and has recommended I see my gp. Is it possible for my test to come up in the normal range and yet I still have problems. If so are there any other tests I can pay for privately to help me with a diagnosis. Any help would be much appreciated.

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What tests have you had done ? If you have the results with ranges - then do post them in a new post and people will comment.

Private Testing is a good idea and can be done through the main website of Thyroid UK - including vitamins and minerals....


Free t4 18.62, tsh 1.810, cortisol basal 353, esr 4


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