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Hello again, I'm still battling with Levothyroxine & what a battle it's turning out to be! I was just wondering if anyone could tell me why my pulse is slow (56-60) & then when I put the body under a bit of physical stress, my heart rate goes up to 80+ beats per minute. I feel completely exhausted & can't do anything for hours.I also feel like I'm going to blackout. I'm on 75 mcg & have been on that dose for about 5 wks now.

Thanks in advance.

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  • I have a normal pulse at 60 but when I lie down and think about it, it usually jumps to 80-85. It seems to be psychological. As long as your pulse is not under 50 or over 100, it's normal.

  • resting pulse of course. A pulse under physical stress means nothing. Some athletes have a resting heart rate at 40 and it can jump to 200 if needed - Andy Murray for instance.

  • Thanks for your reply Natalie. It's just that I feel completely exhausted after & can't do anything for hours.

    Lou x

  • Mine can go from really low to pretty high in quite a short time but it goes down quickly as well. If you are worried speak t your doctor about it. It might be worth taking readings at home and taking a list of times and dates - my surgery had one you can print off and fill in.

    My pulse and BP go off the scale when I have them taken at the surgery so I always do my own and take my record with me.

    It helps to relax for a few minutes before you take it, I read a book, then wait for five minutes between each reading, again I read and I do three readings at five minute intervals. never talk while you are having your BP measured.

    I think the thing here is that you say you don't feel good after it has been high, get checked out and then you will be able to relax about it.

  • Thanks for your reply Fruit and nutcase. I will bear that in mind. It doesn't feel very normal that's all & I am starting to feel tired all the time. Maybe I need more thyroxine again.

    Lou x

  • I would definitely get thoroughly checked out, I'm sure will feel better once you've had that done.

  • Yes I think I will. Thanks again for your help.

    Lou x

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