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do i have low thyroid?

Hello, my first post so bear with me please. Feel ill, dropping asleep, panicky feelings increased ( take cipralex for that) aches in muscles and bones. Can hardly pick anything up so exhausted allthe time.Have bouts of unreality feelings - sort of brain fog/lightheaded. Cold and shivery allthe time. In fact flu- like without flu. Lump in my neck. Thyroid tests - receptionist said "normal" Please help

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Hi and welcome. If you ask your receptionist for a print out of your results and post them here people will be able to advise. We are entitled to have a copy of our results.


I agree with Bob, I am new here too and am learning lots. Please get a printout of your readings and post on here, so many helpful people


Thank you will do. Very scary all this, worried as I am a childminder and really not fit to work right now but hate letting people down. Will post as soon as I know. Tbh I dont really understand all the numbers and types of tests I am reading on here. Best wait until I can post them for someone kind to explain them. Many thanks


"Normal " means ZILCH

get a copy of the results and ref ranges then we will know

Also be very sure your only using stainless steel or glass or cast iron cookware

Never ever foil or non stick or aluminium or new fangled so called ceramic

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Blood tests all in normal range - Serum TSH is 1.2 and Serum free T4 is 15.4. Still feel ill and falling asleep during day. Self employed childminder so getting really hard to work. Wish I had some answers so I could decide what to do. Going to see consultant re lump on my neck. Looking at symptoms, I seem to have some in both under and over active so confusing.Thanks


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