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Painful achilles tendons, especially on left leg

I have scleroderma, and have suddenly a low ferritin level which has never been seen before and need a transfusion, as well as painful chillies tendons especially on my left leg.

I have never been told that I have any thyroid problems.

Could you please tell me what factors are worth looking at in thyroid testing especially in Hashimoto's as it seems to spike and may have been missed.

I live in Australia so the testing parameters me be diff from the UK.

Thank you.

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There's no information on your Profile. Have you been diagnosed with Hashimoto's?


No I haven't but the Drs cannot work out why my Ferritin Levels have suddenly dropped and I'm wondering if Hashimoto's could have something to do with it. They have not looked into my thyroid recently. Also my life has had an up and down level of tiredness for years.


Low ferritin/iron can be a symptom of Coeliac Disease -In CD the gut is damaged so it cannot absorb key nutrients.

Low ferritin can give symptoms of tiredness and aching muscles

Good luck finding out what is causing the low levels :)

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