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Hi all

I'm writing this at 4am as yet again can't sleep even though exhausted. I've been on increased dose of 75mcg levo for around 4 weeks and the last week have felt weird. Energy levels dropped, feeling really sluggish but can't rest. Palpitations as normal but feels different somehow. Feel bit nauseous too. Having hot sweats and can't have duvet on and aching arms and legs. Temp is within normal range. Sense of feeling shaky inside. Also past few days felt dizzy/bit spaced out.

Was on 50mcg before and responded well bloods wise.

Thinking of reducing to 50/75mcg alternate days to see what happens. Thinking as I'm only 8st 9lb now (was 9st 4lb at end of July before starting levo) that 50/75mcg might be enough for me.

My situation is complicated by the death of my mum on 1st October so dealing with grief too. Having said that many of my symptoms feel very physical rather than emotional.

Thoughts/Advice would be welcome, thanks

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Hi Padster7

First of all I send my condolences upon the death of your mother and I understand.

It is quite common to have insomnia for some unknown reason to me. Quite a few write about it on the forum.

I awoke at 3 a.m. this morning feeling rested and thought it must be about 7 a.m. I am different to you in that I feel well and have done for a while. I cannot lie in bed if I am not tired.

On looking at some of your past posts I see you have only been diagnosed about 2 months ago so it is very early days yet for you to have improved very much (my view).

75mcg of levo is quite a small dose and our symptoms are not always alleviated when we first begin. Levothyroxine isn't usually prescribed according to our weight. You state 'Was on 50mcg before and responded well bloods wise'. Could you go about your daily life feeling good with no symptoms? The question is 'on 50mcg levothyroxine did you feel back to normal health? Many doctors believe that if our bloods are 'normal range' the patient is well whilst ignoring their clinical symptoms.

You are having symptoms at present and I think it is because you've probably been hypo for a long time without realising it before finally diagnosed. I think the symptoms you are having at present are connected to your hypo as I had similar for a long time i.e. aches, pains, insomnia, palpitations, and I think when you settle down hopefully they will disappear and you'll feel much better. Too low a dose for a person's needs can 'backfire' and they can feel worse rather than better initially. It took me a few years before I hit on the right combination of thyroid hormones. Many feel much better far more quickly but we are all so varied.

I didn't begin to feel better until some T3 was added and it isn't one size fits all which would be great if it was.

As you are relatively 'new' with diagnosed hypo I think you should continue on your dose, i.e. your temp isn't too high so don't appear overdosed. Previous to the introduction of blood tests etc a 'normal' dose was between 200mcg and 400mcg but I am not saying that everyone needs such a high dose.

If we adjust our doses too often it will take longer to find a dose which relieves all our symptoms.

I hope you feel better soon.

"I am not medically qualified in any way. I am qualified through my own personal experience with hypothyroidism and the statutory treatment regime of the BTA and their guidelines which didn't make me well. - in fact I had even more symptoms and pain but finally recovering my health with the help/advice of Thyroiduk.org.uk. and alternative hormone to levothyroxine and comment is not given in my capacity as an Admin of Thyroid UK or endorsed by TUK. Information on the forum is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. - shaws"

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Hi Sorry to hear about your Mum. It takes a long while to get over something like that.

Have you had recent blood tests before the rise in meds? I was overdosed by a doc without blood tests and very ill. The symptoms for hyper can be the same as hypo, mine were.



I'm so sorry for your loss. Grief can make the body go haywire even if we feel we are ok or coping. It is often a physical and emotional rollercoaster but time is a great healer. Get your bloods checked to see where you are before reducing your dose. X


Hi I've been struggling with dose for a year now i was settled on 50/75mcg for a few months, the shaky nausea feelings I get when I try to up meds so I know how your feeling apart from the loss you've just had sending you hugs xx the endo put me on that dose. Have you had iron /ferritin vitD B12 ft3 and ft4 checked ? Im now trying to up mine to 75/75/50 but can't tolerate it for long, about a week b4 the shakes,muscle stiffness, exhaustion panicky feeling sets in then I feel like i need to drop down again. I'm thinking pooling or adrenals is the cause of mine maybe adrenals could be yours because of your loss. The dizzy feeling I get too, I think it's to do with hormone in balance regarding sex hormones in my case. I was on the pill for 3months to try regulate the cycle after the first month of being off pill the dizzy spells came back ! If your loosing weight then you don't sound like your having absorbing or converting issue. I'd possibly ask for iron blood panel. I hope you feel more with it soon x


Thanks everyone

5/6 weeks ago my bloods were:

T4 20.4 (10-26)

T3 4.8 (3.6-6.4)

TSH 1.52 (0.2-5.0)

Folate 17.7 (4.6-18.7)

B12 669

I persuaded doc to increase to 75mcg as still had periods of feeling sluggish. He reluctantly agreed and gave me 25mcg tabs so I could alter the dose if necessary.

As these symptoms have only been around over the last 5/6 days I'm wondering if they've gone a little hyper as feel very different to what I experienced on 50mcg.

I have hashimotos and was thinking the upset and grief may have caused a setback.


Stressed adrenals is likely cause

Take at least 2000mg vitamin C a day


Thanks reallyfedup123

I saw a nutritionist on Monday and she suggested biocare AD intensive sachets which I started yesterday. Each sachet has 250mg of vitamin C. Also discussed increasing iron, now on 3 Solgar a day and vit D3000iu and Nutri advanced thyro complex. Also taking 1200ug biotin and 200ug selenium and B12 spray 1200ug. Also evening primrose oil.


250mg vit c is nowhere near enough

You need 2000mg at least

Hypothyroid causes both scurvy and beri beri hence you need to really pile in vit c and vit b

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Hello. So sorry to hear about your mum <hugs>

Your bloods didn't look too bad in Aug. I think symptoms can lag behind blood results which might explain the sluggishness you had? Your new symptoms do sound a bit hyper so your plan to alternate 50/75 is probably a good idea?


Sorry to hear about your Mum, mine died 2 years ago in October, you learn to live with it, but never get over it. Physical symptoms arise from grief mind.

Are you hypo or hyper? Have you had you Free T3 and Rt3 done, and iron levels both of them, cortisol, dhea, b6 b12 and Vitamin D3?

Thanks Veronica


Thank you for your post. I have hashimotos and hypo currently. My GP is not great and I cannot imagine he would agree to Rt3 or cortisol test. Have been referred to an endo though so hopefully will see someone knowledable and competent.

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I don't think anyone has mentioned Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, Folate and Ferritin. These, along with adrenals, all need to be in good shape to tolerate and use Levothyroxine. As others have mentioned, I think there's a good chance this is an adrenal or vitamin problem, rather than an overmedication problem. Doctors love to cry 'overmedication ', but they will not help you with these other problems.

It's good that you're seeing a nutritionist, but you don't mention if they've done any blood tests? You need bloods for the 4 vits and minerals, and a 24hr saliva cortisol test for the adrenals. Preferably get these tests before any supplementation of iron or B12, as those will skew the results.

The reason I suggest tests is because being hypo can trash your reserves of these nutrients, and its common to be deficient, it's also common to be low in range, or nearly where you want to be but need a bump. How you supplement will vary dependent on how low you are. Most default supplement regimes are not intended for people who are deficient, if you have real problems with one or more of them, which is likely, you will need to pursue building your levels, which can be a hard battle.

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Hi silver avocado thanks for yr post. I only saw a nutritionist in a health food shop who had a lot of expertise in thyroid issues. She only give advise without doing any blood tests and just looking at my recent blood results. I have posted my most recent results further up this thread and I think things were heading in the right direction.

I have trouble getting my GP to agree to vit D test as he said I had one in July!!!! I may need to pay for one. In July my vit D was only 40 and deficient. My ferritin in July was low but within range. I am trying to increase iron and now take 60mg of Solgar. I probably should take more iron and more vitamin C too.

Thank you so much for your advice, I really appreciate all the support I get from this forum xx

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Hi Padster, when you supplement with vitamin D3, I take 10.000iu daily, my levels were checked last year, and were great. With the D3 you also need magnesium l threonate, only this one, and vitamin k2 mk 7, these three work synenerrgistically together, making sure that the calcium goes into the bones, and not building up plaque in the arteries.

I get these all from Amazon, much cheaper and the right amount.

Hope this info is useful to you.. Up here in Newcastle we have got a group together, and are meeting for the first time next week, to compare notes, and generally to chat about our hypo/hyper. This is very informal, and should prove to be very interesting.

Take care Veronica


Thanks langdocienne

Can you tell me again what you take with vit D? I think predictive text messed it up on your post.

Thanks, Padster7


Hi Padster, ok, I take 10,000iu vita d3, magnesium l threonate, and vitamin K2 mk7, that's the one that has a longer half life, you can't really eat enough Gouda cheese, well I probs can, am a cheesaholic!! These 3 work together, you have to take all three, as vit d3 alone is just not enough.

Thanks Veronica


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