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Just got blood results. I would be grateful for any advice


Free t4-13.8 pmol

B12-267 ng/l

Folate- 4.8ug/l

Cortisol-189 nmo/l

Unbelievably i was told results were normal even though one test showed i had stage 2 kidney disease.saw dr pwatfield a year ago who diagnosed adrenal insufficiency.take nutri tabs and for first 6 months weight fell off and i felt normal.

Have spoken to dr p.he reconnended doubling nutris until he gets my thyroid urine and adrenal saliva tests back.know cortisol will be low. Last test last year showed 2 in am. Not sure if adrenals so bad that need proper medication.

Been to gp and expresses my disgust and demanded referral to endo so keeping all options open. The good news is i have benenden healthcare so can see endo quickly.

I am so so tired and ratty. Slept for 17.5 hours yest. Am limping from one day to next.have no interest or energy.

Many thanks

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B12 is low. Folate is low. Don't know what thyroid hormone you are taking but it's also not optimal.

What's this other stuff you were taking that helped? Did you stop taking it? Cortisol is (as my endo would say) 'not stellar'. You may need to take some actual hydrocortisone to feel normal. But get the vitamins, minerals and whatnot to optimal first.

For sure Clutter and others will make recommendations. What's your vitamin D level?

What on earth are you not eating? Because given that folate is a water soluble present in fresh green leaves, you must feel so crappy and aren't making good food choices. Can't say as I blame you. Fatigue and whatnot makes for the last thing on earth a desire to cook meals. But if you boost your vitamins through supps you may get a flicker of energy and can organize preparing some healthy meals. Not every day. Just make stuff when you can.


Hi gabkad

I take two nutri adrenal extras, two nutri thyroid, two soluble vit c and 60mg of cq10. After speaking with dr p for the past week and a halk im on four adrenal extras and four thyroid.

Believe it or not i do eat well as i know i have to watch my diet. I eat eggs for breakfast, soup or salad fo lunch and always have greens/veg portion for dinner.


So, you're not on any thyroid hormone replacement - Levo, T3, NDT? Nutri Thyroid doesn't count.

Do you have a range for that FT4? Have you had your FT3 tested? That's the most important one. Have you had your antibodies tested - TPOab and TgAB?

That B12 is dangerously low. Anything Under 500 can cause irrepairable neurological damage. Optimal is 1000. If I were you, I would supplement with 5000 mcg sublingual methylcobalamin daily, and a B complex with methylfolate to bring your folate up. I would do that as soon as possible.

And it doesn't really matter what you eat, if you have low stomach acid, you just won't absorb the nutrients. Have you had your iron tested?

Same goes for weight-gain. If you're hypo, it doesn't have much to do with what you eat. Your metabolism is low, so you gain weight.

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Hi greygoose

Thank you for reply. Gp wouldnt test for anything else or t3. Am waiting for private t3 test to come back plus a urine thyroid.

Have looked on amazon for the b12 and b complex you recommended. Any advice re brand?

Contacted private healthcare who have authorised endo. I have three to choose from xx


No, I know, GPs just Don't understand what it's all about! They think that the TSH is THE test for the thyroid! Pft!

Be interesting to see your FT3 when you get it. But I doubt if anyone will be able to interpret a urine test. It's so rarely done.

I take Solgar methylcobalamin, and Thorne B complex, myself. But others might have different favourites.

You could ask on here if anyone has seen the three endos you can chose from, see if anyone knows anything about them - but answers by PM only. :)


Monkeypants, what time of day was the blood drawn?

There is a little B12 in eggs but not well absorbed. You do need to take supplements for this and take a B Complex along with it to keep things in balance. You may actually get more energy just from doing this.

Vitamin D needs testing as well. Low vitamin D = aches and pains.

Sorry,, I don't know much about these Nutri adrenal etc. supplements.



I had my blood test done at 9am x


Okay, so for a person who is not taking thyroid hormone, you TSH and fT4 are normal. Your cortisol is low. You could have had your fT3 done as well and that would clinch things. If your cortisol is low and even if your thyroid tests are normal, you will have symptoms.

Perhaps focus on improving vitamin and mineral status first and focus on the adrenals as well. I'm surprised Goosey hasn't piped up on the importance of magnesium. We need that for nerve and muscle function.

I don't like taking pills and potions but I do take Magnesium glycinate (200 mg) or soak in a bath with Espom salt. Supposedly beans contain lots of magnesium as do green leafies. Except I don't know how well these are absorbed. We need about 350 mg per day, on average. See, I don't want to be telling you to take a handful of pills or capsules every day but sometimes our bodies need a boost.


Your B12 is very low and at a level that would be expected to cause you neurological and possibly physical problems. Unfortunately lab ranges might count it as normal but if you read 'Could it be B12?' by Sally M. Pacholok, which I highly recommend both for your own info and for evidence to take to your doctor with a view to getting some B12 injections. Hats off to your doc for even testing your B12 as many don't think to. Ideally you should get your homocystiene and maybe urine MMI tested before commencing B12 supplementation but you are going to have to load up on some seriously large doses of B12 to make up your deficiency, diet alone won't do it at this level. Sally M. Pacholok has a good video about B12 deficiency on youtube which you might like to look at as a starting point.


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