Incredibly stressed by new job, don't know whether to just quit

I stopped working two years ago due to my Hashi's symptoms. I'm more well now than I was but still have a long way to go. I just started a new job that fits in with school hours and I'm helping people on the internet. It seems an ideal job but I am falling apart. I can't cope with the strain of a new job, learning how to do it, answering questions with the right tone, I have to find childcare during school hols for my 5 year old son, I've agreed to work 6 hours a day and I find that impossible to fit in, I feel mentally and physically exhausted by the end of the day and I have done no housework and can't cook for myself the way I know keeps me well. I find it hard to concentrate and berate myself for not doing enough work or concentrating. I feel like being busy all day every day is going to make me more sick and stop me from relaxing, exercising, eating well, starting counselling, reading self-help books. All the things I was looking forward to doing when my son started school. I feel like I have lost the chance to get well. The only reason for doing it is obviously we need the money. As well, I can't afford the supplements and acupuncture that might help me get well. And how will I ever get a better job that fits in with the school day? Even though it doesn't fit in with school hols. Now I've started it I will feel bad if I let my boss down and I feel I will embarrass her as she has just introduced me as someone who is there to help everyone. I just feel a worthless useless person who can't even do an easy at home job. I've always been excessively stressed by work. And by life in general. I am filled with anxiety and self-hatred all the time. If you are there and have any opinions, I would be glad to hear them.

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  • I'm sorry you're finding the new job stressful Tegansarah and can understand this when you are struggling with health problems.

    Looking through your posts, I notice you have two autoimmune diseases and wondered if you'd had your B12 levels tested lately?

    Many researchers believe 'leaky gut' is the ground zero of autoimmune disease - four members of our family have thyroid/B12 issues and one has lupus. They are often interlinked and symptoms overlap. Extreme fatigue and high anxiety levels are just two symptoms of PA/B12.

    In case you haven't seen them, here are some helpful links: (List of symptoms and an excellent film) :

    Latest BMJ research document with useful summary.

  • What blood test results have you got



    Free T4

    Free T3




    Vit D3

    ask your GP to re run them so that we can guide you through whats missing

  • Sound like you're having a really bad time. Could you possibly go part time for now? Have you got anyone who can help you with child care and housework?

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