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My 15 Year Old Daughter

Hello I've got a 15 year old daughter who has just been diagnosed with having a over active thyroid, She started constantly shaking and being very anxious about 2 years ago we obviously took her to the doctors and was always told she is just a anxious child, we see a different doctor last week regarding her having a UTI and he noticed the shaking and done a blood test there and then, from then it's been a whirlwind, she spent 24 hrs in hospital and how has to take 30 Mgs Carbimazole in the mornings and 30mg Propranalol 3 x a day, which is quite scary for her and me, if anyone has advice on how I can support her I would be most appreciated, also with her going back to school etc I have found a lot of information regarding overactive thyroid in adults but not teenagers also I'm concerned about the effects the medication may have on her.

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Leane_Taylor, Carbimazole is an anti-thyroid drug and will stop over production of FT4 and FT3 which is making her hyperthyroid. Propranolol is a beta blocker to slow her racing heart and reduce anxiety until the Carbimazole kicks in, and will also slow thyroid production. She will probably be able to use the Propranolol on an as required basis once the Carbimazole is regulating thyroid levels. If your daughter develops a sore throat or infection she should see her GP immediately or go to A&E as Carbimazole can reduce white blood cells which fight infection.

Your daughter should have thyroid blood tests every few weeks as Carbimazole dose will need tweaking to stabilise thyroid levels. After 9-18 months on Carbimazole your daughter may be weaned off to try for remission. Remission is unlikely to be permanent if your daughter has positive Graves antibodies but may nonetheless be for a considerable period.


Thank you that's really helpful, this all really new to us, she has got a lot of Drs involvement at the moment her T4 was 48 upon diagnosis and the hospital called us and told me I needed to get her straight to hospital, but in all honesty Tayla is relieved as she has always thought and been told by Drs it's in her head and anxiety so onwards and upwards from now, I hope. thanks again for your advice

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Hi have the docs said the overactive thyroid is being caused by Graves Disease or not? Just to say I was exactly like your daughter all the same symptoms but I started to feel much better very quickly once I started on the medications.I gelt relieved to get my diagnosis as what with the shaking,anxiety ,palpitations etc I thought I was heading for a nervous breakdown ! I have completed my treatment and have been I remission for over a year and I feel fine.Try and get your daughter to rest as much as she can as everything inside is on overdrive and tell her there is light at the end og the tunnel. ,,,Pipps x


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