Well guys after 28 years as a corporate manager I had the pleasure of attending an esa medical yesterday . Well serious who would ever want that job as a means of earning a living . I was refered to as her ... By receptionist who looked like she'd done 10 rounds with mike Tyson . Then went for a 60 minute grilling about my illness I have to say it was very frustrating to listen to some bl...y pen pusher consistently repeating your ( tyroid bother ) why does no one seem to have any knowledge of this decease except for sufferers 😥

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  • As they say 'ignorance is bliss' except for the sufferers. It would be good if we could be cared for by doctors who were aware of how much distress is caused by most of them nowadays only taking into account the whereabouts of the TSH and adjusting doses to keep us 'in range' instead of giving us decent thyroid hormones which suit us on an individual basis.

    Or if we keep complaining instead of anti-d's or anything else we could have a trial of another form of thyroid hormones. They should also make sure our minerals/vitamins are optimum.

    If you went in for a consultation with a broken arm and bandaged head it would instill compassion (I think!) for the patient. We may look o.k. when having a consultation but they haven't any idea of the myriad of symptoms and we may well be medicated for the symptom rather than a decent dose of thyroid hormones.

    I hope you feel better soon.

  • Oh heck, a lovely hour that was, by the sound of it!

    Was it you that tackled the receptionist justbee?

    Can you do bouncer at my DLA appeal?

    It's disgraceful the treatment at these medicals, tribunals and appeals.

    You'd think the forms aren't bad enough without us dragging ourselves along, to be put down Even More!

    I'm sure you're shattered today.

    Hope you get good outcome 🌸

  • Thanks oh it's awful I felt like saying keep ur 70 quid donate to charity lol . No my daughter give it to her lol so frigin rude Eugh 🔫

  • in my personal view , and I have evidence , these so called ' asessments ' ARE carried out by -- medical professionals -- BUT THE ONES THAT CARRY THEM OUT HAVE NO EXPERIENCE OF THE PARTICULAR HEALTH PROBLEM IN FRONT OF THEM -- so therefor their report is and will always be flawed and without foundation , and as such is open to retraction when challenged --- but it is the onus of the claimaint to find out how and what to challenge --- that is why over 80% of challenges have been upheld [ in all health catagories ] of those challenged as wrong ........ sic. if you had a broken bone would you consider consulting a diabetes specialist ...or vise versa .........its a way of getting the political figures down [ temporary or otherwise ] ------- this whole system and culture needs to be challenged completely of exactly who carries out the assessments ......alan x

  • Your so right alan thanks

  • Hi alan I got my letter yesterday to say I passed my medical for esa don't need to send any more sicklines 😁. Thank god that's something out of the way di u know if I can apply for dla . Thanks for any info in advance I also am a carer for my husband but they stopped that a few months ago because I was on esa an that's more than allowed very confusing

  • firstly I would advise you to find a disablement association near you , we have a superb one here , they know exactly how to fill the forms in [ with the info in the CORRECT places ] and that really does matter and make the difference .... they will complete the forms for you . They will also check your eligibility for carers allowance and other benefits that you may be entitled to -- and they can push through for an early decision . also you need to contact job-centre-plus to make sure that you are put into a 'special group ' which then brings into play dla /carers allow./ and other openings .......hope this is of help ......alan xxx

  • Thank you I will look into it tmw thanks again much appreciated 😁xx

  • no problem at all ..... it worked for us ...... hope to hear from you soon ......alan xx

  • Thanks il keep u posted thanks for the help 👍

  • glad to have been of some help to point you in the direction ......that's what this site is about ......just keep on supporting it !!!!!!

  • Because they are men and it is a rare disease amongst men?

    Because it mainly affects middle-aged women and makes us even more unatractive and unlike celebrity models?

    Because we rarely die from it, but engage in unglamorous side effects, like snoring and weight gain?

    Tick any of the above which apply.

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