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who uses Modafinil

I've not used this drug, I've just caught the end of Newsnight about pilots, surgeons, writers and student using it to focus and stay awake. Just wandered if anyone had tried it?

and if it would effect a post TT person. I think it was developed for Narcolepsy? I'm interested in it to help with short term deadlines etc.

Interested to know your thoughts?

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Brand name is Provigil. Since, their patent is expiring other companies can start producing generics. So, to try and stay ahead of the game they came up with Nuvigil (Armodafinil) that's what I take and they have a similar chemical composition, but it pretty much works the same. It has definitely helped me and I was taking the whole 150 mg pill and at times found it to be too much so I cut them in half because if I don't it keeps me up at night. Although, I did have more tea than I shouldve which is a no no, so prolly contributed to lack of sleep. It didnt make me nervous or jittery the way other meds would that is supposed to keep you awake. One big downside is that its very expensive at least here in the U.S.


Nicky74, Modafanil/Provigil was--in addition to hydroxychloroquine --the most helpful drug I have ever taken in 30 years living with the entire AI cluster, the whole Venn Diagram. Even 75 mg./day changed my life. I was able to function "normally" as I had not in years. Then my insurance plan removed it from the formulary. Only if I undergo a sleep study and fail it (or whatever) will Provigil be prescribed. It's a terrible shame. A drug that is abused by people who don't need it makes us feel like the rest of the normal world. Very sad, ...molly


I was recently diagnosed with narcolepsy following a sleep study, and was prescribed modafinil. I believed my daytime sleepiness is more associated with my hashimoto's, but I nevertheless was pleased to be able to get a prescription for modafinil. It is a fairly remarkable drug and is widely used by younger professionals, entrepreneurs, and bio-hackers (Popularized by Dave Asprey...The Bulletproof Executive) as a nootropic that helps with energy, focus, and memory. It doesn't make one feel quite as jittery as coffee but helps motivate for getting stuff done and focusing. I had tried it from an online pharmacy without a prescription before getting it from my doctor. Onc can find it online but due to its value, there may be a lot of fakes out there.


Hi Nicky, yes i have been prescribed Modafinil when i was off thyroid meds for short time.

Yes it is a stimulant that works extremely well, especially for brain funtion. It made me realise just how poor my concentration was and the energy was unbelievable. I had been prescribed by both my GP and endo because of the debilitating fatigue i suffered.

Only problem for me was after 3 or 4 days my body started to get use to them and effect wore off. I was told i could double the dose if needed but that too would eventually wear off.

I have to warn the crash after stopping is dreadful, i slept for 18 hours and took 2 days to get over each time i took them. I am now on t3 only and feeling NORMAL at long last!! So no need to take modafinil anymore.

It is a remarkable drug and yes i felt amazing on it, even better than my old self if i'm being truthful.

I can imagine junior doctors and uni students live on it!!

Sparkly x


Thanks everyone, thats really useful, just didn't know what was in it like lots of caffeine.

Good luck you guys.x


You might be interested in reading more about this drug - it definitely doesn't contain any caffeine.


seems like i'm the only one who had a terrible reaction to it and couldn't tolerate it at all. i was prescribed it before my hypothyroidism was discovered and i was suffering from impossible fatigue (couldn't stay awake for more than a couple hours at a time). the daily need to nap went away completely once i got on a sufficient dose of NDT and T3.


I am on modafinil for idiopathic hypersomnia. I used to take Ritalin back in the day... Which is a stimulant. This works differently and is considered safer. I'm not sure if it would work well for deadlines. I find that it helps with the grogginess and sleepiness, but it doesn't give me more energy. I take two a day (200mg) and supplement with caffeine pills as needed. Good luck!


It's also for Delayed Sleep Onset, however, not all physicians agree that it is a disorder, although it was recently added as one.


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