Newcastle University given £780,000 to find Graves' disease cure

'Dr Timothy Cheetham, from Newcastle University’s Institute of Genetic Medicine, is leading a trial to see if one dose of rituximab, a drug used to treat arthritis and leukaemia, could be given in conjunction with the standard treatment to see if it improves the chances of a cure.'

Nice to see work being done in the UK. Also for us Gravester's :-)

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  • That is good news. It is interesting though that they are aiming it towards finding a cure for 'young people' although I suppose that is possibly the only way they could get the grant and also hopefully if what they are trying out helps young people then it will also help older people.

  • As someone with both Graves Disease (now permanently hypothyroid) and severe ME, this is interesting about rituximab, with trials currently underway in Norway using rituximab as a potential treatment for ME; trials hope to start shortly in the UK – see for further details -

  • Small correction, they are trying to find a drug not a cure! Excuse my cynicism but after many years of my personal study, I'm pretty certain that anyone who finds a cure without using pharmaceuticals is harassed or banned. All the good research seems to be ignored but this is the nature of the beast I suppose.

  • I completely agree with you Heloise.

  • Margo, I feel the same about most fundraising for diseases. I'm sure this isn't going to change. I'm grateful for those who are not afraid to go against the tide but precious few seem to listen.

  • I agree again with you Heloise, so many people have turned into drones and don't want to know about the terrible lies we are told, and the appalling torture of animals in the name of a cure.

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