Brown Moles appearing all over torso?

Has anyone else got brown moles - large ones and lots of small ones, sometimes itchy - appearing all over their torso? Some are flat and crusty and others are tag-like. I seem to be getting more all the time, and I realise they started when I began to get ill years ago. I have had them checked out and my GP says they are a kind of wart - but I am sure that I read somewhere that they can be a sign of being hypothyroid??? Just another one of those symptoms to add to the list.

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  • Many thanks Aspmama - whilst I don't have the large velvety patches, it is interesting that the article mentions smaller tags etc and the links to hormones. The inter-connected way which the body reacts to changes is fascinating! I will obviously monitor this symptom. Cheers for taking the time to look it up.

  • That's very interesting as I have never linked my tag moles to hypothyroidism but have had them for many years. Mine don't grow much and once they turn very dark they fall off and are replaced by others around my neck and underarms. I have noticed a reduction since going onto NDT and gluten free but I know my thyroid is still not optimal. Definitely going to investigate this some more.

  • I only recently realised that the moles started occurring at the same time as being so unwell all these years - and have been trying to join up the dots (!) with all these differing symptoms, to back up my theory with the docs that my thyroid is not optimal. There is a symptom picture going on - but it isn't straightforward. I have just taken the faulty gene test and keen to know what the result is. I am going to write a post about another symptom now!! Thanks for getting back to me. Happy Saturday!

  • I had 75+ severe symptoms for many years while on levo but have managed to get down to 5 mild symptoms. The skin tags are harmless in comparison to some other symptoms. I hope you are able to optimise your thyroid. Have a good weekend.

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