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Pleghmy coughing

After bad experiment with iodine I suddenly developed coughing. Approx week after I quit using iodine.

Now it has been five weeks and coughing is coming and going. Usually following eating something. It lasts about 30 minutes to 2 hours and my lungs hurts and it is hard to breathe as my chest is tight.

I sorta ruled out acid reflux as after coughing I can eat more and coughing does not continue. For example after coughing for 30 minutes after a meal I can eat big dessert and no coughing at all.

My neck has been also tight and sore and sometimes eating hurts. My throat hurts.

I was wondering whether this is proper flare up and I am more sensitive to things I usually tolerate ok. For example now it seems to be herbs/spices/tomato. In my herbs mix there is onion, basil, black pepper , oregano, chervil and garlic + I use tomato pure in sauces.

I am not burping a lot nor I feel some acids would try to push back. I

I only get undigested food burps when I eat dairy. Tho I do feel like a lump on my chest/neck area. But I can sleep normally after a snack

No feeling pressure or anything like in acid reflux.

Can reaction be that immediate? I don't have it every day. Might take five days no reaction if I have eaten less those spices/herbs etc. Have also had low temp and feeling really ill .No coughing after physical stress.

Not medicated only supplemented.

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For those who are sensitive to iodine, it can bring on cold symptoms like you describe--coughing, runny nose, etc. These are symptoms of iodine poisoning. Humans only need mcg amounts, whereas the iodine protocol recommends 1000x more, or mg amounts. Any chance you're allergic to sulfites?

Sometimes this improves with time. The other possibility is that you've now become hypothyroid because of the iodine. In the old days, iodine was used to stop HYPERthyroidism because it temporarily stops thyroid production. Breathing problems are common when hypothyroid, but usually refer to an air hunger. What you describe sounds more like iodine poisoning.


Thanks! Sounds it could be possible that I am sensitive. Tho I was not using lugols. My multivitamin contains iodine as well iodized salt I was using. Was not taking high dosages only 150-300 mcg/ daily. Iodine improved some of my symptoms, but with Hashimotos I think I cannot tolerate very much. It did improve my body temperature etc, but I guess I went too far with it.


Hmm, my original response doesn't really apply to you if you were only taking 300 mcg max daily. That amount could be considered normal with a lot of seafood consumption. It's the mg amounts that cause problems. I would certainly get your thyroid levels (FT3, FT4) checked though, because some people get asthmatic symptoms when they're hypo that go away once their thyroid levels are higher. You may also be having an allergic reaction--sulfites are just one example, yellow 5 food color another. You will have to keep detailed notes about when your reaction occurs, and read all food labels to figure this out, if it is a food allergy. Good luck!


Yeah I am already sensitive to so many things. This just happened right after getting rid of iodine so I connected it to coughing.

I am trying to organise new tests but looks bad that I would get anything except normal tsh :(

Thanks again anyways :)


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