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6w pregnant. Severe cramp and white/ clear discharge getting worse! Is this normal?

Hi everyone. Bit off topic today! The past couple of weeks I've felt rubbish (as you all know lol) and Ive found out why. A miracle happened and I have conceived (yeeeey😀) I am only like 6 weeks on but I have a question for all you mums. I have had really really bad cramps, I always have bad cramps either my period and have to take cocodemol but I'm scared now because i know it ain't a period. Has anyone else had this and been ok? I'm not bleeding or anything but really feel I'm gonna! I do though have a lot of water like discharge which is sometimes white? Just a bit scared if these things are normal or should I be worried and call the doc? Sometimes it gets really bad I think about going to a&e

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I cannot comment on your symptoms but the fact that you are pregnant you should make an appointment with your GP as you may need your thyroid hormones to be adjusted.

He should take a new blood test. This is previous post which will be helpful too.


I've made an app and made them aware. She sent a letter tony endo saying I need seen sooner and if I don't hear anything back I will phone at the end of the week


Good :) . you have to be two steps ahead of everyone.


All perfectly normal :) The cramps are from your uterus growing and the discharge is from the mucus plug forming in your cervix. Even a little blood can be normal as the embryo burrows in deep. Many congratulations :)


Thanks I'm just really scared because we have been through fertility treatment for over 5 years and this is a complete shock. The cramps are really bad and getting worse so it's a constant worry for me


It happened a bit like that for us too, 3 years of temp checking, ovulation monitors, timing, special lubricants and supplements and then it all happened by itself 1 week before a scheduled IUI. Second time it only took a year and a half, it was like my body was more receptive to the idea ;)

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Just so terrified something's gonna go wrong 😕 these couple

Of weeks are just gonna be a constant worry lol. The cramps is really really painful. I've read other have mild cramp was yours really bad? Or just normal/mild?


My cramps were just like the first day of my period, as it continues there can be a weird feeling of tightness. As with anything, it can be different for different people.


Infertility is also another symptom of hypothyroidism as is female problems too.

I'm glad lunamoona was reassuring and if it is worse maybe go to A&E or speak to GP before you do. It's easy to say don't worry but if it's your first pregnancy everything is new to you.


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