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Upcoming first clinic appointment

Hi. I have been put on tablets for overactive thyroid something beginning with C. I went back to see GP as still felt as bad n she said she gonna order bloods and referred me to hosp. The bloods apparently come back slightly better but still very high n i now on higher dose of the tablets. My questions are will hosp dismiss how ill I feel now levels apparently a bit lower n why increass in meds if lower. I a single parent carer to a disabled teen n need to feel better asap not jusf have slightly better bloods but feel as ill. Thanks in advance

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Welcome to our forum

You have hyperthyroidism, which means your thyroid gland is pumping out too much hormones. I have hypothyroidism which is the opposite (too little thyroid hormones).

Members with hyperthyroidism will respond and I know you are treated initially with carbizamole to dampen down the output.

Always get a print-out of your blood test results with the ranges for your own records and post them if you have a query. Also ask GP to test Vitamin B12, Vit D, iron ferritin and folate.

With thyroid hormones everything has to be done gradually, either reducing or increasing them.

I know you need to be as strong and healthy as you have a disabled son, so hopefully it wont be too long before you feel better.

Initially none of us know what the blazes is happening to our bodies.


just to add a little of my knowledge gained from this site .... you need to request -- force-- if nessesary ::: tsh /t3/t4/ferretin / folate/vitd3/vitb12 and iron at this stage .....post results together with ranges [ in brackets ] so that the many people here can and will interpret them [ and there are some professionals here - as well as sufferers--] and advise you on your best options to go forward to your optimal health .....we are all here for you as I hope you will be for others that will come later that suffer from what you are putting up with now ......hope this is of help ...alan x..... b.t.w. the 'c' I presume is 'CARBIMAZOLE ' ....A


TSLW2809, Welcome to the forum.

Thyroid problems are not a quick fix :( Your GP had to estimate a dose of Carbimazole in relation to your thyroid levels which in hyperactive patients is usually low or undetectable TSH, high FT4 and high FT3. The follow up blood test showed your response to the dose wasn't good enough and your GP increased dose. You will start to feel better when FT4 and FT3 are within normal range.

Carbimazole can sometimes reduce FT4 and FT3 levels very quickly so you should have blood tests every 4 weeks to check levels so you don't become hypothyroid..

The hospital will be guided by your blood results and although blood levels will be lower when you see the endocrinologist your symptoms won't be dismissed. Patients are usually on Carbimazole for 6-18 months to regulate thyroid before coming off to try for a period of remission.


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